6 Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy

Many relationship experts say that to make a man happy two things are required which are intimacy and food. Instead to keep a woman happy, one needs to be friend, lover, a good listener and the list goes on and on. This reflects how often the situation for men is frustrating to understand the female world. And it is a reality that sometimes women are not easy. Men, like women want to make their partner happy, but unfortunately in the way they allow themselves to get stuck by obstacles that seem simple and small, but become great burdens like miscommunication and she may also get the feeling of being less loved. So, to help you out we show some of the best tips to keep your wife happy.

Appreciate and thank her.
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Months ago I read a letter of Angelina Brad Pitt in which she claimed that she was able to overcome a personal crisis, thanks to the unconditional and selfless love that her husband gave her when she was more wrong. You probably will not be aware of what your approval and affection meant to her and especially for your children, so try to always have words of appreciation to feel satisfied that you noticed. Thank her how much effort she puts in keeping the family happy. Words of appreciation will definitely make any wife happy.

Listen and share
Yes, she will appreciate when you listen to her attentively. She needs to share with you what happens to her and all the things that happened during the day when you were at work. Knowing that you pay attention makes her feel very special. Look into her eyes when she speak and hold her hands and this will definitely make her happy. Also share with her about your day. No need to make a detailed summary of your work day, but you can talk to her about what you’re doing, projects, your concerns and fears. She wants to be aware of what happens to you, do not confuse marriage with paternity, hence do not hide things.

Surprise her
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It is likely you both have a smartphone then why not use it to Whatsapp her? Send her a picture of where you are, a kiss, romantic song or simply send ‘I love you’ image. When you come home, you can bring a red rose and present to her with tight hug or a kiss. A flower isn’t expensive, but it will bring a big smile on her face and will also make her feel loved. Plan a few surprises to move out from your normal routine as this will keep both of you happy and never feel bored. Cooking for her occasionally or taking her to romantic dinner or simply planning activities what she enjoys and making it happen. The magic is in our effort which we do to keep out marriage happy.

Show you are proud of her
Take advantage of the chances you have to show the world and to your wife that you’re proud that she is your partner. Praise her in front of family and friends without being cloying or heavy. Try to display some affectionate gestures, but not exaggerated in public with her. Hold hands or move your arm around her shoulders are always things she will love as they are at the right stage. This will keep your wife happy as she knows that you are so proud of having her as a wife and how special she is to you.

Make her feel desired
Kiss her by surprise on her lips, neck, cheeks or forehead, whichever area you prefer because it is funny, sexy, sweet and romantic. Kiss her when she least expects. When she is present smile looking at her. Your happy look is the mirror in which she looks. If you smile, she will know that you enjoy being with her and in turn she will smile when she sees you. Without any effort the energy of the moment becomes positive and that helps in all aspects. Do you want your partner to feel desired? She knows how much you want to lose her curves and her kisses. Talk dirty to her and it will not be long before you’re enjoying by your side a good session of intimacy. Physical factor is also an important part to keep your wife happy and satisfied.

Make her feel loved
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Accept what she loves, although it is something that you do not like. You can disagree with it, but with respect.

You don’t like soap operas on television. Nobody forces you to see them, read a book in the meantime or sit beside her on the couch while you check your e-mails. Say “I love you” few times a week. Saying it all the time will reduce its power. Tell in a way that she feels loved like leaving a simple note for her or say “I love you” with a kiss before going to office and this will make her smile all day.

Signs your wife is happy
Due to hormonal changes in the body, women are characterized by being very emotional. But without those days of the month in which she is on her period, I assure you that when a married woman is happy, she is in good spirits most of the time. She smiles and this can be noticed in her eyes. If she is cheerful and has that light on her face means she is happy to have a husband like you. Another sign when a woman is happy is when she is always going to worry about your well-being and who loves you with all heart and this can proved by small details like cooking your favorite dish, writing a message of love or thanks you for your efforts and recognize that you are a great father and provider.

Did you know that for a marriage to be happy, it is necessary that the wife is happy? This is what they say in a study by the University of Michigan, that when a woman is happy in her marriage, she tends to notice on small details to please her husband and improve their marriage relationship. So if you want to have a marriage filled with happiness, you need to start keep your wife happy. Love grows and widens when given. This investment is wonderful, because you will make your wife happy and on the road you will find fulfillment and happiness you too.

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