What a Best Videographer & Photographer Do Before The Wedding

I have shot many weddings and have learnt a lot . So l am using some of my ideas that made me shoot successful wedding videos and photos . What best a videographer & photographer do before the wedding day.

Here are some tips that I've compiled from a few different sources, and some that I came up with:

1. Bring multiple copies of everything.
Batteries, memory cards, cameras, picture lists. Bring battery chargers, too.

2. Scout the area before the day of the wedding. 
I can't stress this enough. If possible, do this with someone who knows the ceremony. The day of the wedding will be hectic and the last thing you want is unfamiliar territory. Get to know the lighting, outlets, and most importantly find some good shots that you would like to take on the wedding day.

3. Get a picture list. 
Ask the couple for a list containing each subset of the guests with which they would like a picture. Make sure to do this days before the wedding so that it can be edited.

Allow me to explain further/reiterate in a different way. What I mean by "picture list" is a list of people that the couples want pictures with directly after the ceremony. These are the pictures that are framed and hung around the house most often and you want to be sure the client gets what they want.

4. Know the ceremony like the back of your hand.
Where will the partner be entering from? Any religious/spiritual traditions that need to be captured? What time of day is the ceremony? Don't try to wing it!

5. Relax. A wedding is supposed to be a fun time and you are there to capture everything. 
Smile, talk to people if they talk to you, and in general don't be a stranger to the guests. People are more likely to let down their guard and enjoy themselves if they know you aren't just some person with a camera.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is simply what I think were the most important aspects of shooting my weddings.
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