Wedding Videography.

We believe that the place where you stand and choose to commit your whole self to another person for life is Holy Ground. Two hearts become one and the deepest and most complete connection with each other and God is made. We long to capture this connection in the most precious way.

 We strive to capture your wedding day in all it’s natural splendour- with equipment, shooting and editing techniques that show the true story of your wedding day without frills, but with a fairy tale-like quality.
The Real Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Videographer

You can sometimes get a better deal on photography if you bundle it with a package that offers videography as well.You will want to relive your big day.Videography is amazing for people who choose to throw a destination wedding, and can’t invite everyone they want. That way you can throw a party when you get home and show people a sweet highlight reel.

Videography is a live action video of moments throughout your wedding day, so you will most likely want all those crazy dance moves caught on camera and just not in still shots.All brides will tell you: Your wedding day will go by super-fast. The ugly truth: wedding videography will help you live all those sweet moments you missed or weren’t really mentally there for!
Zim Photography Online
We are an outstanding company that can provide you with professional cameramen, who can shoot high-quality photos at any location of your choice, for an affordable, fixed hourly price. Zimbabwe Photography
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