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Zimbabwe Photography (Booking A Photographer) is a service that specializes in matching clients with photographers. 

We personally handpick professional photographers whose style, experience and expertise provide an excellent match for our clients regardless of the photographic category required.

WE HANDPICK THE BEST: We take the first step for our clients and select high-quality photographers from the confusing sea of choices. We ‘handpick’ photographers we would like to work with to ensure high standards of work by reviewing their portfolio and meeting photographers in person.

VARIETY OF PRICES: Our price range is flexible enough to accommodate individuals looking for photographers to carry out personal assignments as well as high-end commercial engagements for businesses.

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: We provide personal assistance. For each booking, we contact our clients and ensure that they are matched with the best photographer that meets their requirements. 

 We also provide support throughout the entire assignment to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience for the client.
Zimbabwe Photography offers a variety of photography services including wedding photography, event photography, portrait photography, photo booth services and more.

Hie! My name is Oudney Patsika of Oudney's Studios and I and the founder and visionary of Zimbabwe Photography (Booking A Photographer.)

I believe that photography is still an art form and requires talent and experience. That is why I have built this platform to help businesses and individuals find hand-picked photographers that deliver high-quality professional work in the desired style.

Over the years, I have been involved in many creative projects where photography was the main aspect. It is crucial to acknowledge the importance of quality photos in today’s image-based world. It can also be time-consuming to review photographer portfolios to decide which is the best for your needs.

Whether you would like to use this site to find a photographer yourself, or you would like personal assistance in discussing your requirements and selecting the right professional, my goal is to help you find the right match.

​‘So together you can create quality images!'
Zim Photography Online
We are an outstanding company that can provide you with professional cameramen, who can shoot high-quality photos at any location of your choice, for an affordable, fixed hourly price. Zimbabwe Photography
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