9 Signs That Your Relationship Is At Risk

There are several signs that which make it clear that the relationship is about to crack and is at risk of disappearing, but fortunately the symptoms are easy to fix if you know these signs at the right time. Marriage and relationships as an institution is based on faith and trust. Now, how do you know if that institution, where your dreams and desires of couples is at risk? The point is that we must be ever vigilant that our relationships is kept evolving from ourselves, but without changing our essence.

Always we think positively about our relationship, but what if things do not go as well as we think? That’s where the twist ending to the honeymoon occurs and becomes a bitter moon. Therefore, you must be alert to the following signs that your relationship is at risk.

Every relationship goes through difficult times; often they are solved with the love and understanding of the partners and they go ahead without any damage. Maybe we have learned a few things from the experience and show you the signals that speak that there are cracks developing in your relationship. However, these difficult times are the beginning of a much more complicated stage. Below we will show you the key signs that your relationship is at risk and it is important for you to keep in mind to know if your relationship is just going through a rough patch or if it’s something more serious.

Speak too little:
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Every couple goes through stages where they do not talk much, either due to work schedules that change or even because of a recent fight. But if you do not speak because you want to avoid the inevitable fight or do not want to include it on the things you did during the day because you are annoyed, this is a great sign that your relationship is at risk and it is going for more than a slump.

Discussing the same things over and over again:
When couples argue, often they reach a resolution. Maybe not immediately, it may take a day or two, but often come to some agreement. Discussing the same things over and over again is a clear sign that your relationship is going through something serious. They are not solving their conflicts and this prevents healing in the relationship. In fact, discussions are probably causing more damage and problems than they already had.

Staying away emotionally: 
Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe
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If you look away from your partner constantly, you probably are going through more than a slump. The couples who want to be together are mutually inclusive on the important things that happen to them. Staying away emotionally with your partner makes them feel less important and thus the distance and cracks start growing. This is detrimental to the relationship and some studies show that it may even be the start for a breakup.

Having bitterness: 
Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe
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For any reason if you are no longer interested in sharing your happiness or sadness with your partner then this is a sign that something is wrong in the relationship. Also, if there is some bitterness in you for your partner or your partner has for you then it one of the most clear signs that your relationship is at risk. In fact, if it ever happens, it’s time to see a marriage counselor urgently. Successful couples mutually share their happiness, sadness, etc and there is no place for bitterness. They do not feel happy about the misfortunes of another.

Comparing your partner: 

Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Remember that every marriage is imperfect, but it is beautiful in our eyes. However, what if comparisons begin? Especially there is comparison with past boyfriend or girlfriend which has nothing to do with your relationship. Don’t you think that it is a sign that your relationship is at risk? Of course it is, and to fix this problem you both must have a nice friendly conversation and try to show your love and respect to each other. Make them realize that they are valued high in your life and such comparisons are disturbing you.

Do not make it a power relationship:
In the daily life of a marriage or relationship it is both the partners that decide, but if you start to take control of everything that happens and around the household, then you are at risk of falling into a whirlpool that threatens to break down the union. The advice is to always mediate family decisions based on their strengths and knowledge, without losing the floor. Since relationship involve two people, both of them must have almost equal rights to keep both the wheels stable and running.

You are the priority of your partner:
If your partner is always aware of your needs then everything runs smoothly, right? But if you start to ponder too much like his mother or a boss, a real problem arises because it indicates that something happened and that our spouse has lost ground on household priorities, challenging the marriage and the worst would be that you do not clarify this situation and let him continue his motives.

Jealousy in a relationship: 
Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe
Picture By Life Moments Media.
 Jealousy in excess is harmful and negative and is one of the major signs that your relationship is at risk. When the feeling of being jealous increases between partners, it makes the trust to fall and eventually breaks up the relationship. One issue is the proactive jealousy, which can be fine because it is based on love, but being overly jealous destroys any relationship. Always remember that if your partner is being very jealous when you talk to friends of opposite gender, discuss with him/her. If she/he is not able to understand then take help from a therapist to protect your relationship or marriage from breaking.

Intimacy is vital ingredient:
One thing which is a signal of something wrong in a marriage is that you and husband/wife is not interested to involve physically. Although it is not a sure sign, but many experts believe that can lead to development of cracks in a relationship as one of the partner is not happy and does not want to physically involve with his/her partner. On the other side of the coin this sign also shows that your partner may be under extreme tension or stress and hence he/she has no mood to make love to you.

Recognizing these top signs in your relationship is a good way to know if they are leading on the path of a breakup. There are many things you can do when you recognize these signs to help you get out of that situation. Browse web pages, self-help books and seek advice from your loved ones who can help overcome the challenges of your relationship. Also remember that if your everything is going out of your hands it is better to visit a therapist to fix all the problems in your relationship.
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