Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Planning your wedding is a mammoth task and the best way to remember all of the exciting details of your special day is by way of your wedding photographs. 

Your photographer is going to have to use all of his skills to capture all of those dream moments for you to cherish in years to come.

Wedding photography is a very challenging type of photography since there are no second takes. Your photographer has to weave his magic and create some exquisite photos that show you and your guests at their best. He also has to work closely with you throughout the day and interact with all of your guests. So how do you go about finding that special photographer, the one you can bond with and feel at ease?
Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
Recommendation: Without doubt the best way a bride can judge the suitability of a photographer is by recommendation from a friend or colleague that she trusts. A rave review and glowing recommendations will tell her a lot about their experience with the photographer. They will have first hand knowledge of their personality, style and service, which is of the utmost importance.

Photographs: Begin to narrow down your choice of photographer by the type of photographs that they produce. You will come across words such as traditional, contemporary, photo journalistic, reportive and documentary which are all ways of describing the approach and style of photography. Do your homework and look at as many wedding photos as you can, making a note of the styles which appeal to you. This is relatively easy to do since all good photographers will have websites which you can visit. Study their work closely and make a short list of the photographers who interest you.
Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
Personality: Once you have a short list of photographers give them all a call to see if they are available for your wedding day and if so, make an appointment to visit them. Often this call will give you a gut feeling as to whether or not you think you will like them. Before booking your photographer make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that they will fit in with your style of wedding. Ask yourself whether you would feel at ease being at close proximity to this person during your special day, and whether they are the type of person who wants to run the show or will they have a reportage type approach. Go with your gut instincts and only choose a photographer who best meets your personality and requirements.
Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
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