Ebenezer opens floodgates for Chivaviro 2: The Phillip Chiyangwa Factor

Chiyangwa, the Zimbabwe Football Association president, said he had tried his hand at everything — from boxing to music and now football.
T.T Chivaviro
Picture By Life Moments Media. T.T Chivaviro
He said most of the things he did — including music promotion — were sacrifices that did not bring him much financial benefit, but he did it then for the love of music.
“I have a history in music, from rhumba, you remember Soukous, even in wrestling and boxing.
“It was a sacrifice. It didn’t pay, but if you look at a good musician, you realise that music brings peace to you,” Chiyangwa said.
“We have heard good music from Chivaviro, and some of the songs (from the album) are going to be hits, as they are sing along songs.”
T.T Chivaviro
Picture By Life Moments Media. T.T Chivaviro listens intently as guest of honour speaks at Mhepo Inoperekedza Launch

He said musicians rarely made money from their work, but often did it out of passion.
The highlight of the event was when Chiyangwa pledged a stand to Chivaviro, who had told the businessman he wanted a church stand.
Long journey
For Chivaviro, the journey had been long. After producing nine albums, it appeared as if he would never break the jinx that appeared to have barred him from crème de la crème of gospel music.
It took a collaborative effort in Ebenezer to break the spell — and after the song went viral, people started taking notice.
The song has set him up for a new high in his career, as the latest album, Mhepo Inoperekedza, seemed to have taken off from where its predecessor left.
Speaking at the launch, the producer Dzobo spoke of the long journey of sweat, heartbreak and getting peanuts that they travelled together with Chivaviro, stressing that their determination finally paid off when they started doing collaborations and creating a new style — a departure from their traditional hymnal approach. Ebenezer was one of those collaborations.
Allan Dzobo
Picture By Life Moments Media. Allan Dzobo, Chivaviro's manager.
“It was only in 2010 when things started to break for us and nominations for awards started. In 2015, we released Ebenezer, a song in which we were saying thank you, despite all the past hardships and that song was the game changer,” he said.
By Phillip Chidavaenzi.
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