Every Young Lady Deserves This.

Every young lady deserves to flout her ego as a real, young guy kneels to ask her hand in engagement...
Mellisa Makumbi.
Photography By Life Moments Media. Mellisa MakumbiTo walk down the aisle as she does the royal wave with one hand while the other is in papa's hand.
Primrose Moyo
Picture By Life Moments Media. Daddy Walks Primrose Moyo To Her Husband
To live a secure life with the man that God has given her. Secure enough to know she is the One Thing.
Moses and Shamiso Mukata
Picture By Life Moments Media.Shamiso and Moses Mukata Kiss
To know that this man truely loves her, thinks of her always and cares.
Picture By Life Moments Media
Picture By Life Moments Media
To know she will be his Mrs until all teeth fall, till the rivers all run dry, till the sun falls from the sky...
Picture By Life Moments Media
Picture By Life Moments Media

To know one day she will be a hero in Heaven!
Emma Chipunga Simuka
Picture By Life Moments Media. Emma Chipunga Simuka
May men not destroy this dream. May ladies not invite dream killers and destiny robbers by allowing the wrong people and principles in their live.
Adultery is a sin.
I love my daughter as much as I love my sons.

Apostle Pride Sibiya (Ambassador for Jesus Christ)
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