How To Handle Long Distance Relationship

If you have a stable relationship with someone who lives in your own city, it is difficult to think how hard it would be if your partner was not around. Many couples are forced to live apart for work, studies, or several other reasons. The long-distance relationships are difficult and complicated but not impossible. For all those who are to going through this or in future have chances to face this problem, here are some of the best tips to handle long distance relationship.
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At some point in your life, many couples are involved in a long distance relationship and no one but they know how difficult it is. For your relationship to work you must have a deep emotional connection. Physical contact goes into the background. So here we leave some rules you can follow to keep your relationship alive.

Have a plan for the future
You have to know where your relationship is going with your partner. What do you want to achieve with it? Do you want to end it now or you both are seriously in love and want to continue? Can you both stay loyal and after being apart can you still maintain the love? Have goals and manage to avoid future problems. It is very important that you clarify with your partner that he/she still wants to continue such relationship. This basic conversation between you two will help you a lot to happily handle long distance relationship.

Use modern technology to communicate
You’ll need all the help, so use the benefits that technology offers you. The use of phones and the applications it contains has made it easier for couples to handle long distance relationship. Use your mobile phone to text, call and chat. Use Skype or other messenger services to video chat with your love for free. Write them instant messages and use digital photos and videos so you know how you do in your everyday life. Write extensive and intimate texts.
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As a rule, write more than the conversations that took on the phone. Writing is more intense than verbal communication and allows you to be more intimate. That will create a closer link between the two.

Meet your partner regularly
If you are just apart from cities then try to see your partner every month or two, but if you are in different country then do not let pass more than 6 months in a row without being seen. Plan this in advance the places you would like to visit. These visits are a party, dinners, vacations or something special. These encounters are very important to smoothly handle long distance relationship. Your relationship will not prosper if it reduced to telephone calls. Partners have to look and be together in every opportunity to keep their relationship happy and safe.

Try not to be jealous
Jealousy is very dangerous and can threaten your relationship. Jealousy is often a lack of trust and understanding. Very often it reveals insecurities and bad experiences of other relationships.
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Remember that you cannot control your partner and you just have to have faith and confidence in him/her. Avoid being a controller calling several times a day. Try not fight him/her because he/she published photos with men/women you do not know. Try to be relaxed with the appearance of new people in the life of your partner. One easiest way to destroy a relationship is with unjustified jealousy and complaints. You must be realistic and have faith in your partner.

Stay positive
Stay positive and always assume that your partner loves you and cares for you. Never assume negative things, if you think something is wrong then it is best that you communicate. It is better to clear any misunderstanding that is disturbing your long distance relationship. You’ll meet a lot of skepticism. People around you will warn about such relationships, especially those who have had bad experiences in this regard. People will tell you that long distance relationships never work, but if you are strong and really committed then there is no need to worry.

Contact once everyday
While you or your partner may busy with work or college, but do not let the day pass without a call or a text. The ideal is that they can talk several times a day, but often it’s complicated because calls to long distances are quite expensive. If you cannot call, do not stop to simply send a message on whatsapp. Since now there are so many applications on mobiles, calling isn’t an issue. There may be times that you or your partner are busy, but even in these busy times you can at least take a few minutes to send a text to your partner. This shows the partner you care and thus easily helps to manage and handle long distance relationship keeping the emotions alive in both hearts.

Send a handwritten letter
Thanks to technological advances (chats, social networks like Twitter or Facebook, etc.) made it easier to handle long distance relationship. However, take the traditional way and send him/her a letter once in two-three months. This may be simple change in your routine and how you communicate. Do not underestimate that wonderful feeling when you get a letter in hand. When your partner opens it, see your writing and reads how much you love and miss him/her. You can deliver this letter to any friend and ask to send it to your partner with flowers. This is a pleasure that we often forget to do; besides it’s much more romantic.

Enjoy your Sunday together
Even though you are apart, but you can make your weekends fun by doing some fun activities. Like you can play the question answer game where you can ask each other questions. These activities are fun and can also help you both to know each other well.
Danai Muzunze
Picture By Life Moments Media. Danai Muzunze.
Cooking together via video calls is also an excellent and fun activity to perform in long distance relationship. Make use of Google hangouts and watch some Youtube movie together or plan something new every Sunday. Apart from this, you can send some gifts to surprise each other. If you want to smoothly handle a long distance relationship, you have to put extra efforts for keeping the love and trust levels to the top.

Make the most of the few benefits it has to be in a long distance relationship. Take this gap of distance between you two as the most difficult exam. These tests are difficult, but once the couples pass and start living together again it makes their relationship and bonding too strong.
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