Wedding Photograph Tips

Your wedding day is most likely to be the most important day of your life so you are going to want to look back fondly at the photographs. Nobody wants reminisce over their wedding album in years to come and think ‘what on earth do I look like?!’, so we’ve put together some tips to ensure you are looking your most fabulous when the shutter falls.
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media.


Ensure you talk to your photographer prior to them taking the photos so that he/she knows exactly what you want. Do you want to be looking into the camera with more premeditated shots, or do you want the photos to be natural and spontaneous? Let your photographer know, and listen to their advice — that way you’ll be able to come up with a solution that works for you.
It is a good idea to come up with a shot list — a brief list of the ‘must takes’ on your big day — bride arriving, bride and groom exchanging vows, your first dance etc — this way you won’t have to stress over whether or not your photographer has snapped those crucial moments.
In the run up to your wedding, why not flick through wedding magazines to find some possible poses, you can then practice these poses until you work out how you look and feel your best.
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media.

On the Day:

Don’t worry about being natural — you don’t want to be on edge with a false smile on your special day, you want to be comfortable and look as happy as you feel!
Nobody’s perfect — if you are a little insecure about something, whether it be your height, your weight etc, why not find a pose where you feel most confident — if you are taller it may be sitting down, if you’re smaller it may be standing up so you’re more poised. If you’re uncomfortable with your teeth, learn to smile with your mouth closed or in a position that you feel confident with.
If you are being photographed at an angle, slightly lower your front shoulder which will create a more dynamic angle and elongate your neck.
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media.

Try to avoid facing the camera head-on, standing a slight angle will instantly slim your silhouette.
Raise your chin a little to prevent that dreaded double chin we all hate.
Lastly be confident about yourself! If you feel amazing inside, you will look amazing on the outside.

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