Wedding Photography or Wedding Video?

When it comes to wedding planning, making a decision to hire a photographer to document your day or whether to settle for a video of the day, is right at the top of the list along with which wedding dress to choose. 

Since both options have their pros and cons, many couples choose to have both. To help you decide which to choose, here’s a few pros and cons of each:
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media
Work of art

Having your favourite wedding photo framed and hung on the wall or sitting on the sideboard is a constant reminder for both you and your friends, of what a wonderful day you had.


Sharing wedding photos with friends is easy as they can be posted onto social sites such as Facebook.


Wedding photos can be displayed in lots of different ways such as in coffee table books, albums, printed on to canvas, and even on to blankets.

Limited to one shot at a time

Photographs only capture one shot at a time and consequently much of the wedding is missed. In particular the bride and groom will miss a lot of what went on behind the scenes.
Wedding Video Pros

Capture the feel of the day

A wedding video can truly capture the feel of the day, such as the bride’s train blowing in the wind, the bride’s mother shedding a tear, or the couple’s first dance. It can also capture the sound and emotions, which photos can’t.

Wedding Video cons
Picture By Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Videography at Birchenough Bridge.
A video can’t be displayed for all to see and not everyone will want to sit down and watch a full length video.

At the end of the day, which you choose is all down to personal choice and/or budget. It hinges on whether you want to have reminders of your special day hanging on your wall or whether you are content with a video which you can watch from time to time.

Personally, I think that most couples will find it difficult to choose one without the other, so if you possibly can, try and factor the cost of both into your wedding budget, as in years to come, you may regret not having done so.
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