Say What? 5 Facts That You Didn't Know About Men

Or you knew but you didn't want to confess to yourself. 
Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.
Pictures By Life Moments Media. Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.
1. Men like beautiful women 
Yes, this is true and I didn't make that up. I would be the happiest person in the world if I did. Perhaps you invested in your education the majority of your life like I did, and thought that with your brain and wide knowledge, you would be on the top of the world. And then one day some skinny plastic b*tch came along and stole the love of your life. It doesn't seem fair.

At first glance, men are superficial. They always have been and always will be. This is biological and a huge fault of mother nature. Of course, men want somebody to talk to, spend quality time with, and to share their lives with someone, but on the top of their lists are woman who are attractive. Appearance isn't the only characteristic they're looking for, but it's important.

2. Men change (but you can't change them) 
Woohoo, men can change! This is a dream come true to all women who make it their life missions to change their man. Yes, men can change but you can't change them. Most men (some never grow up) change themselves through the years. You can't come into a man's life and expect to turn a couch potato into a gym addict (or vice versa). If he will get bored of working hard and will get the idea to spend his time in another way, like lying on the couch with you watching movies, it would be his idea, not yours.

One piece of advice to women who want to change their man: If he is not good enough for you the way he is and you want to change him — give up and find another man.

3. Men can't read women's minds.

Regardless of the fact that women are known for their great intuition, men aren't. We all think that men can read our minds. "But I am sending him signals that I'm interested," you say. But the truth is that men don't see any of the signals you are sending them. Men are lost and very insecure, just like women, and believe it or not they are terrified when they need to approach a woman. You might be thinking that this is normal for them because they are men, and they approach women all the time, but no. They are very frightened and every approach gives them a little heartattack.

Have you ever approached a man and have been rejected? They are rejected most of the time by women who tend to be rude to them so it's not weird that they are too frightened to make the first move. So that brings us to the next fact about men, which doesn't actually make sense, but it's also true.

4. Men don't like when women chase them.

"How?! But you said..." As I was saying, men are terrified when they need to approach women but they don't like when women approach them. I know, I know. At the same time, many men have asked me "Why don't women approach us? It would be great! Why do we need to do it all?!" While they do ask, their actions don't always add up with that sentiment.

The fact is that (mother nature again) men are hunters and they like to hunt. When they become prey, at first it might be flattering to them but then they lose interest. They then start to wonder "Do I really like this girl? She is always here when I need it" and that is not appealing to men. You know that saying: "Forbidden fruit is the sweetest." Men will always chase women who are hard to get because they believe the interesting woman is the hardest to catch.

5. Men want a partner with the same characteristics as they have.

You can say that men are in love with themselves. Ok, they are! But every man wants a lifetime partner with whom they can share the same interests as they have. For them, it is very important that their partner replenish them but they also want somebody who has the same view on life as they do.

You should also try to find a partner with similar characteristics as yours. When a woman meets the man she likes, she regularly tries to "adjust" her own characteristics so the men can find her interesting. This is wrong and always results with split because nobody can be happy in a relationship that is based on a lies. When first sparkles disappear, all that is left are the firm foundations of your relationship. If that doesn't exist, all will fall apart.

By Sandra Sajtlik
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