4 Major Qualities People Look Out For In Their Love Interests

There is a striking phenomenon about the human nature that so much aligns with variety, as some people would say ‘variety is the spice of life’, and this is true in so many cases, even in our attempts to scan love interests.  

Variety is expressed in almost every major part of our existence – Human race: check. Language spoken: check. Food preferences: check. Little wonder the same logic applies to the diverse qualities people seek for in their intending spouse. Let’s take a stab at some of these qualities we would tag the ‘FOUR Bs’.

Nothing stimulates the brain much, pleases the eyes more and stations the body most than a beauty that commands unrivaled appeal and attention. For some, beauty is more or less the solely desirable quality.
Hope Muzunze.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Hope Muzunze.

They really could care less if only what the lady can do in the kitchen is boil egg so long as she is physically attractive. Bayo, 32, a Contractor, says: “For me, I can’t marry someone who is not beautiful at all. It’s her beauty that keeps me from looking at other women.” Likewise Maureen, 24, an Interior Decorator: “I just have this thing for cute guys. I simply find them irresistible most times. And there is no way I would love to end up with anything less.”

For all it’s worth, intellectual individuals or nerds seem to be a strong preference for some persons.
Rachel Tariro Masaraure
Picture By Life Moments Media. Rachel Tariro Masaraure

Probably their ability to solve any imaginable equation in their sleep or because they have a brighter prospect to be successful; whichever reason, they are always first choice on some people’s list. Emeka, 29, an Underwriter, shares his thoughts: “I find it really indispensable to marry a woman with brains. It helps the husband a lot if the wife can contribute to problem-solving in the home. Unfortunately, most ladies out there have nothing upstairs.”

Curiously, for some, just sharing similar beliefs suffices as their major requirement in spousal choice.
Hope Muzunze, Godwin and Gamu Tekenende.
Mabel, 25, an Economist, opines: “Sharing the same faith is crucial for a marriage to last. I must say that I don’t have a problem with a man with same beliefs so long as they are good and godly.”

Safe to say, most individuals would go for good behaviour over physical appearance among others any day.

The thought of marrying a spouse with an untoward character is enough for them to take ill. Ayo, 28, a Data Analyst, concurs similarly: “I’d rather remain single than marry a woman who wouldn’t give me peace of mind however pretty she might be. A beautiful woman may attract the eyes but a virtuous woman would always steal the heart. And this is the kind of woman I want, pretty or ugly.”

Which of the quality(s) happens to be your requirement(s) for a spousal choice? Kindly share your thoughts by dropping a comment. –

By Kalejaye Abayomi

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