5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Partner

Have you ever reasoned out that our actions, little as it could be or seem sometimes, could actually be our greatest undoing and the cause for everlasting regret? Do you aspire to live happily ever after with that Romeo or Julliet of yours? 

Here are five (5) things you never should do to your partner to enjoy a blissful and peaceful marital sojourn.

Comparing Your Partner With Someone 
Else It is never a good or brilliant idea to compare your partner with another person.
Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe.
Whether for fun sake, complimentary sake, derisory sake or spiteful sake, it doesn’t always go down well with the significant other and it doesn’t end well as well, too. If anything, it creates an impression of your partner being inadequate and it’s nothing but a recipe for emotional demarcation and a drifting connection. Just so you know, a negative comparison with your ex (probably how he buys you islands, jets, Egyptian hair, Mexican shirts or how sweet her voice is, etc) is simply a good way to worsen your relationship; and next time you experience such urge, bite your tongue (real hard) for 10 seconds.

Constant Lies 
Lies are never welcome guests in a relationship. They only breed distrust, hurt and irritation. Seriously, the way some lie, even the devil would be forced to marvel. Building a relationship on the foundation of lies; moulding and patching it with lies, would only end up crumbling on lies and probably crushing a life.

Being An Irritable Source Of Nagging 
Every person looks towards his/her partner as a source of happiness when sad, comfort when distressed, calm when angry, encouragement when down, and smile when stressed up. However, no one enjoys being in the presence of someone who nags one like (s)he is under the influence of some territorial powers. Frustrating the life out of your partner is a liberal invitation for emotional distantness and eventual separation.

Showing Your Partner Little or No Respect 
Respect for your partner here doesn’t imply reverencing him/her like: His royal majesty or Her royal highness, etc. It means giving him/her regard by not doing the things that (s)he detest.

Badmouthing Him/Her To Others 
Involving a third, fourth or hundredth party in your relationship should always be done with caution and prudence.
Precious Fombe, Danai Muzunze and Tatenda Gowe.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Precious Fombe, Danai Muzunze and Tatenda Gowe.
The ‘who’ to tell and ‘what’ to say could make or mar your relationship. However, constantly badmouthing and negatively painting your partner bad to outsiders not only hurt your partner when they have the knowlegde of your action and words but ultimately sacrifices the relationship on the alter of unwise behaviour.
 If, as a matter of fact, you discover that you can’t just break the habit or you seem to derive some pleasure from this, you might need more than a deliverance, you need a total overhauling. If you’ve been engaged in any of the above or have a contrary opinion, kindly share your thoughts.

By Kalejaye Abayomi
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