7 Old Tricks That Work Wonders In Relationships

Relationships nowadays are based on what the society ‘think’ or ‘feel’ is right while we do not bother if we or the person we are in a relationship with is really okay with what is going on in it. The question is, why do we have many broken relationships these days compared to what was obtained in the olden days!
Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.

Have you ever considered bringing back those things that helped men and women of old to look like masters in their relationships? Can we even remember any of these tips? Before you bother your head too much about it, here are few basics tips of old we need to bring back to our relationships to rejuvenate it:

1. Quality Time Together Without The Interference Of Technology. 
Technology has taken the place of virtually everything we manually do in our day to day activities, even our relationships. Most times, we believe since we have talked to the person we are in a relationship with via the numerous social media platforms that exist, there’s really no need for quality time together. Yes, talking on phone for long minutes, chatting all day on all social platforms available can be very interesting but much more, attention needs to be paid to spending uninterrupted quality time together. There are many things you will know merely looking at the reactions on the face of your partner without him or her talking about it which you will not get to know if you were chatting.

2. Always Find Ways To Express Appreciation Significantly. 
Have ever watched an old film where a queen is trying to praise the king for a favour done to her by her husband? Have you ever seen a king praising his queen in a romantic way in the eyes of his guards at the palace before? That’s the real deal!… The ancient way of appreciating gestures between husband and wife in the olden days really worked magic in old relationships. Try magics like that today!

3. Work together and help each other grow. 
Going to the farm was the custom in the olden days; and when old couples get to the farm, the man might be seen ploughing, while the woman might be seen watering the growing plants. Even at home, the woman stays at home awaiting eagerly the arrival of her husband from every hunting expedition. Do something together today and see how it binds the two of you together more!

4. Focus on inner beauty. 
Your fore fathers did not fall in love with any Brazilian weavon or made up face your grandmother had on the first time they met. Their love was founded on true emotions and determinations to stay together no matter what happens. Stop associating love with mundane things.
Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Darlington Nemutambwe and Tatenda Gowe.
5. Apologize when you know you should. 
The same way being a man does not make you to be above saying sorry when you should is the same way being a woman isn’t a guarantee for you to do just anyhow you like hurting the feelings of someone who cares so much about you. Be sincere, never let excuses take the place of apologies in your relationships.

6. Never allow intruders in your relationship. 
Like the ancient broom, it is when the strands of brooms come together that they can be useful as a broom. What happens in your relationship is nobody’s business! Sort issues out within you and never let anyone come in between you guys. Don’t make your social media accounts a diary for what happens in your relationships. Togetherness is the key of the game.

7. Be loyal. 
No matter the condition, always endeavour you stay true to each other. No doubts, there will be shaky situations but don’t relent in being loyal. Raise his/her morals, let him/ her feel glad he/she is with you. Let loyalty be your watchword in your relationship. You can’t promise to be there for someone for the rest of their life, but you can sincerely be there for them for the rest of yours. The floor is yours… What are some other good, old-fashioned habits that have helped strengthen your relationships?

By Naija.com
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