Top-8 Reasons On Why Men Don't Listen to Women

It is typical situation: you want to share something with your man, and he is just not listening to you. Many women think that men should listen to what they tell them. 
Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe.
Picture By Life Momemts Media. Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe.
So here are the top reasons on why men don’t listen to you and what to do about it.

1. You want him to agree 
Women think that agreement is a sign of support. So often your men thinks, that he should just say he agrees. How to deal with it? Try to make a conversation, and don’t be offended if his real point of view differs from yours.

2. You like to add too much details 
Girls love to decorate their speeches with dozens of details. Some of them are completely unnecessary. So when you are seeking some advice from your man, you can easily skip some of them, which are completely unneeded for understanding your story. Ask your question first. And then add some details if needed.

3. You are trying to be too impressive 
He already knows that you are amazing, because he is with you now. You can be bossy in the office or with your friends, but at home make sure that you take his opinions seriously too.

4. He is doing something important at this moment 
It is a bad idea to share your wonderful day while your man is watching the game or composing an important e-mail. So consider if your question can wait? Ask yourself: “Would he answer at my question now?”

5. You don’t take pauses 
Sometimes women can talk non-stop on a hundred topics in a few minutes. Of course he cannot remember everything. Remember that a conversation goes two ways.
Picture By Life Momemts Media. Tatenda Gowe and Darlington Nemutambwe.
6. Being too emotional 
One minute ago you were crying but now you are smiling and shouting. All you want is his hug and appreciation. But your man now is frightened. It is hard for him to understand such emotional switches. So don’t forget to thank him for his support.

7. You think he should be interested in everything you like
It is useless for you to force him to listen when you talk about your reality shows or beauty products. And you are bored with his talks about football and rap music. You are not the same and it is OK that you love different things. Get used to it.

8. Being too annoying 
If you are talking for a half an hour that he needs to buy milk, and he goes to the shop and brings the wrong kind, you should avoid making a big issue out of it. Don’t be too annoying. Your man might remember some things in a different way. So it is better not to be rude or angry with him. Learn to talk with each other, be sincere, and it will help to deal with the majority of problems.

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