Ray of Hope: Building Men of Integrity, Building Strong Families

Presten and Memory Karumazondo-Nyamangara encounter was by divine appointment. While dating, they both shared a mutual, lifetime goal – to take care of orphans – and possibly, establish an orphanage, later.

“Before we got married, we both wanted to assist less privileged children. I had this dream since I was 19 years old,” recollected Mrs Nyamangara.

After their matrimony, God intervened – and their focus was enhanced.

“We started inviting couples and youths to our home for prayers – that is how our idea for Ray of Hope Interdenominational Ministries with a focus to build stronger marriages was established.”

Their calling had become a reality. In July 2015, they obeyed God’s mandate.

“I was praying at home and I heard a voice saying, instead of using much space to build an orphanage, I was instructed to build families so that there are fewer orphans,” further clarified the husband with a compassionate tone.

The voice declared to him that men must take their rightful positions to build stronger marriages.
Presten and Memory Karumazondo-Nyamangara
Presten and Memory Karumazondo-Nyamangara
With a theme: What is a Man? – Ray of Hope Conference kick-started its first gathering in 2015.

Men from 19 denominations were represented. Here, they sought to define men from a biblical perception.

Quoting broadly from the scriptures, Mrs Nyamangara insists men should be given their correct positions – adding, “You can’t give up on men, otherwise you are arming the devil.”

The 2016 conference will be administered under the banner: Building Man of Integrity from Job 1:8.

“Men must bring change to the world. They must be enterprising, love their families – and must go an extra mile to achieve just like the biblical Zakeo when he sought to see Jesus.”
Apart from the unruffled environs of Karumazondo Outdoor Centre – attendants benefit greatly through team building, poverty alleviation skills, canoeing among other group activities.

With a free tag for the initial two gatherings, Ray of Hope is set to influence nations.

“Our conference targets both single and married men. Single men must be equipped for marriage. A real man keeps to God, fears evil – and any other aspect of his life will be blessed.”

 The Creator will remain the pivot of the yearly gathering.

“God cannot Omega what he did not Alpha,” counsels the ardent couple.
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