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Shingi Albert Munyeza is a Zimbabwean businessman who in 2008 became the Chief Executive Office of African Sun Limited (ASL) a hospitality company in sub-Saharan Africa and Africa in general.

Munyeza is also a devout Christian and a senior pastor at Faith Ministries in Harare. Munyeza has received several awards including the prestigious Zimbabwe Tourism Personality of the Year for three consecutive years.

Background: Shingi Munyeza was born in 1966. He is married to Wilma and together they have a daughter Nomsa. Munyeza came to Salisbury (present day Harare) in 1970 in search of a safe haven as a result of the Second Chimurenga (liberation struggle which began in 1965 which brought forth the independence of Zimbabwe). He resided in Magaba, in Mbare which is the oldest suburb in the country. His father owned a grocery store and Munyeza was inspired by his father whom he emulated though he grew up desiring to be a bus driver.
Educational Qualifications: 
  • Munyeza attended Prince Edward High School and St Johns High School.
  • Bachelor in Accounting Science Degree from South Africa.
  • Diploma in Applied Accountancy from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe.
  • Certificate in Marketing from the Institute of Marketing Management in Zimbabwe
  • Diploma in Hotel Strategic Management from Cornwell University in the United States of America.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Development from Solusi University in Zimbabwe (2010).
Career at Zimbabwe Sun Limited (ZSL): In 2002, Munyeza became the Chief Executive Officer of Zimbabwe Sun Limited (ZSL), after he led a consortium of more than 20 business people and they managed to acquire 35% control of the firm subsequently becoming the major shareholders.
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
In 2008, Munyeza purchased shares in the firm and he subsequently became the major shareholder and he renamed the company, ASL. The company began to expand regionally and it bought properties in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique between 2009 and 2010. Some hotels in Ghana, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea also became part of ASL during the same period. Munyeza managed to secure about US$25 million to purchase and revitalise these hotels. Some of the hotels under ASL include Troutbeck Inn Resort in Nyanga, Holiday Inn Resorts and Hotels, Monomotapa Crowne Plaza, Elephant Hills in Zimbabwe and the Cape Grace in South Africa, amongst others.

In May 2013, Munyeza acquired the franchise of Mugg and Bean, a South African food outlet, a move which he claimed was related to his inner family business portfolio and not related to ASL. The outlet began to operate in November in Harare. 

Religious career: Munyeza is a senior pastor at Faith Ministries in Harare. He is also involved in charity work under his church. He has assisted disadvantaged youths as well as giving bursaries to school children. He was elected as President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe.
Arrest: In October 2008 Munyeza was arrested and he was charged with treason after it was claimed that he had told a certain Nigerian tourist that Zimbabwe is one of the worst tourist destinations. He was also accused of over pricing tourists.  Rumours sprouted which implicated Karikoga Kaseke as having engineered Munyeza'a arrest. He was however acquitted.
Summoning by the police over statements

Munyeza was summoned and questioned by the police in June 2016, for his statements that questioned the introduction of the bond notes. Prior to being summoned Munyeza had penned three statements with the titles 10 Points Plan to Run Zimbabwe Limited, What I would have done with $200 million facility and Severe Turbulence ahead. Munyeza confirmed his summoning by saying,
"Indeed, I was summoned to the ZRP Law and Order section by Assistant Commissioner [Chrispen] Makedenge on Friday where I initially had discussions for much of the day from 10:30am onwards. I reiterated to them that I am a law-abiding citizen who is very concerned about the status of our economy, which requires urgent and immediate structural reforms to avoid further impoverishment of citizens of this country.”


10 Point Plan To Run Zimbabwe Limited: This was the first of Munyeza's statements concerning the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. He released it on 13 May 2016. In the statement Munyeza advised the Government of Zimbabwe, among other things, to cut expenditure, commercialise some the state owned enterprises, move into the Rand Union and to revisit some of the indigenisation laws. The statement had roughly the same title as a speech made by Robert Mugabe in parliament which outlined a ten point plan to resuscitate the economy.

What I would have done with $200 Million Facility: In this statement Munyeza, stated that he would not introduce the bond notes like what RBZ governor John Mangudya was doing. He gave possible ways in which he would have used the $200 million facility to improve the economy of Zimbabwe.
Severe Turbulence ahead: Munyeza's statement went viral on social media platforms after he released it on 28 May 2016. The statement warned Zimbabweans of difficult times that were coming and suggested ways in which one could survive.

We Have Entered The Turbulence: In this statement Munyeza pointed out the signs of the current severe turbulence that he had warned about in his 28 May statement. Munyeza released this statement on 18 June 2016. He also goes on to give survival tips.

Work Experience:
  • Accountant (1987-1990) and Audit Manager (1990-1992) at Ernst and Young Chartered Accountants.
  • Finance Manager then was promoted to be the Development Manager at Colcom Holdings 1992-1996.
  • Finance Director at CM and A Advertising 1996-1999.
  • Commercial Director at Cresta Hospitality 1999-2002.
  • Chief Executive Officer at Zimbabwe Sun Limited later renamed African Sun Limited 2002.
  • Awards
  • Zimbabwe Outstanding Young Person Award (2004)
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Year (2008) conferred by the Institute of People Management Zimbabwe
  • Institute of Directors Award Winner (2008)
  • Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Personality of the Year (2008-2012)
  • Runner Up (2 times) Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (2009-2011)
  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Development by Solusi University
  • Zimbabwe Council for Tourism President
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
About Shingi Munyeza
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