Couple Photography

Couple Photography: Telling Their Love Story

Picture by Life Moments Mr & Mrs T Samaneka

 Be Invisible

I tell couples many times during a session to pretend that I am not there. It usually works to bring their focus on each other, and some of the focus off of me. You want your subjects to act naturally towards each other, and interact how they normally would on a daily basis. You don’t want them to be so worried about you taking their photo, that they forget that they even love each other.

I like to tell them to look at each other, and say everything they feel about the other person with their eyes only. Some couples actually have deep, meaningful connections when I ask them to do this. Others laugh at the corniness, but it doesn’t matter. They are laughing with each other, and the connection is there. Either way, have your camera ready, and capture it.

Get Them Closer

Most of us have a distance comfort zone that we like to keep around ourselves. We don’t usually like people to be too close, especially when a photographer is watching us. Your job is to get them closer to each other. It may feel a little uncomfortable to them at first, but remind them that in a photo it doesn’t look as close as it feels, it just looks like they love each other.

You want to have a physical connection somewhere. Ask them to bring their foreheads or noses together (depending on height difference). Ask him to put his hand on her cheek, or on her back. She could put her hands on his chest, or on the back of his head. A good old fashioned kiss can work great too. A physical connection could be as simple as a hand hold, but just make sure they are connected. You don’t have to direct every hand placement, and pose them into uncomfortableness. Sometimes it’s enough just to ask them to hug lightly. Little cues go a long way – you want them to be natural with each other, and connect in a way that feels comfortable to them.
Picture by Life Moments Mr & Mrs T Samaneka

Picture by Life Moments Mr & Mrs T Samaneka

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