My wedding memory film – the highlights from our big day !

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video tells the whole story!

What a treat to get married in an era where we can have a snazzy memory highlights film as a wedding keepsake. I get that warm glowing feeling knowing that one day I’ll get to share this with my future children, and heck, hopefully even grandchildren.

Our wedding video captures every magical, hilarious, tear-jerking and debaucherous moment. Did I mention that the wedding turned into Spring Break?! Keep watching till the end. It becomes one heck of a wild + memorable party (or not so memorable depending on how much alcohol was consumed. Another great reason for a video!).

What once was tacky and cringe worthy has become stunning and timeless, and it might just be the best wedding investment you can make.A perfectly captured wedding photo contains glamour, class, beauty – and is of course a stunning feature……but what if that same glamorous, classy, beautifully stunning picture could move, showing a sequence of events, sounds, reactions, emotions and details that a single photo could not provide? Which would you choose?

This is where wedding videography is going. New technology has made it possible to provide not just a wedding video look, but wedding film look at an affordable price to couples looking for the ultimate cinematic recording of their day. New cameras, new lenses and new stabilization equipment has made this possible, and the result is a very exciting time for wedding video – a time that you couldn’t blame the humble wedding photographer for being a bit daunted by.

In the end, we still wouldn’t ever do without our wedding photos, but don’t fall into the trap of under-estimating what wedding video can provide; it could be something that you regret for the rest of your life.

Remember: A wedding is a live event, not a single moment. Make sure you get it captured right – you’re only going to do it once.
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