This Valentine’s Day Tips will Change your relationship forever!!

Valentine’s Day After many years of marriage, may loose it’s status. A couple may begin to feel like the life they have is routine and non-romantic. Each person has a role to play to make the relationship spicy. It is said that there is joy in making your partner happy. No saying could be more true. An effort on your part could invoke the passion you two once shared. This is the Season of love, and celebrating valentine’s day together is perfect opportunity to revive your love. Here we give a few proposals that will surely work.

Give Her Public Praise
Just as sending flowers to her workplace will build her self esteem and help her see you in a softer light, even when you’re not around, praising her in public, whether she’s present or not, will do the same – especially when she hears others repeating your words back to her.

Make Breakfast and Serve Her in Bed
It’s cliché, but you can never go wrong with breakfast in bed.

Plan something special for this Valentine’s day
Many Zimbabwean men, just like most other men, minimize the celebration of valentine’s day. That should not be your case. Consider it an opportunity to be in control of the romance in your relationship. Plus, any little effort you put up on that day will be remembered for a long time. It does not need to be extra. A little romantic time together just the way you and your spouse like it, would be perfect.

Buy her A Gift
On another hand, Valentine’s day this year falls on a week day. You may be too busy to sketch out any romantic time. Well, women LOVE gifts! As long as you get her something she loves, she may forgive your absence. Notice how i say “may forgive”. For some women, nothing replaces your presence. If your wife is that kind of woman, then tell her why you can’t be present and be sure to make up for your absence.

Send Her A Love Note
Nothing is more romantic these days than a handwritten poetic letter from a loved one. With all the easy romance data that is available online these days, digital messages don’t seem to have the same touch like a hand written message. With a handwritten message, one feels that the writer is pouring out their thoughts and hearts. Your wife would love it!!

So There are a few ideas to spark up the romance this season, get back to us and tell us what you did and how it worked.
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