Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day.

Some love it; some loathe it — but it always arrives on February 14th whether we like it or not.Valentine’s Day is wonderful. It’s literally a celebration of Love. Yes, Love should be celebrated every hour of every single day, because it’s that special.
Picture by Life Moments . Tanya & Tawanda

Here are some ways to make February 14 an extra joyous occasion. 

Reserve A Table... At Home!

Anything can be special, if you make it so. A cozy dinner at home can be overly romantic with a little assistance. Make the table look unique. Take out your fancy dishes, bring home a delicious bottle of wine, OD on flowers and candles — you have a new tradition just for you two.

Plan a Secret Getaway

Women love when men put effort into absolutely anything. A surprise trip can be hard to pull off, but if it’s done right, it’s oh so worth it. Get all your logistics coordinated for a weekend away and your partner will be wowed.

Create a Book

If you’re into corny but sweet things, creating a love book is genius. You can compile all of your favorite photos and write comments next to them. Describe why you love your significant other and why you’re extra thankful for him or her. This is a great way to be thoughtful without spending a lot of money.

Recreate Your First Date

What could be more sentimental and special than recreating your first date as a couple? Women love being romanced and surprised. A great way to show her you care is to pay attention to all the details.
Picture by Life Moments . Tanya & Tawanda

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