Why your wedding photography is so importance

I have been a wedding photographer for quite a few years and in that time I have noticed that there are two types of clients, those that make wedding photography their priority and those that don’t. Thankfully I am blessed that most of my clients really do care, the others I try to explain it’s importance.

I know how hard it is to organise a wedding , visiting venues, arranging meetings with suppliers like florists, cake makers and wedding dress shops. And all this while you are at work during the day makes it especially hard, all your free time in the evenings and weekends become consumed by your wedding. So when it comes to booking a wedding photographer you can become overwhelmed by the choices available and take the quickest and easiest option.

You could say I have a vested interested in telling you why wedding photographers are so important, but all things considered you should put a lot of emphases on it.

Here are some reasons why I think it is so important.

The single most important thing for couples after their wedding is to see great wedding photographs that captured their wedding day. You will be devastated if they are not what you expected because you used a cheap and inferior photographer or simply did not do your research. You only get one chance to get it right on your wedding day.

If you saw a really cheap sub-standard wedding album with low quality wedding photographs what would you think that wedding was like? It could have been a really beautiful wedding in an upmarket venue, but you don’t know that. Your wedding album should compliment your wedding day with amazing images that tell your story.

Think about wedding photography in this context. How will you remember what the flowers looked like after they wilt, what will your lasting memories of the guests be on your wedding day, the amazing dress you wore for that one day and does the photography do it justice.

Never rely on friends or family to capture your wedding photography, it will never work out how you imagine. I have had some very upset brides call me asking if I can help to salvage something from their wedding photographs taken by a well meaning friend or family member. Your wedding photography can understandably be all about money before the wedding, after the wedding no amount of money can fix this or replace it. It becomes priceless.

On your wedding day a really good wedding photographer will work seamlessly to get great shots in the least amount of time possible to let you get on with enjoying your day with guests and family, you should also have a good time doing it. Great wedding photographers make it look easy, but that is why they are great wedding photographers. If you have made the wrong decision, be it through budget or lack of research, your wedding day could be spoiled by a grumpy, slow, disorganised wedding photographer that reacts badly to pressure or takes up all of your wedding day taking photographs you don’t want or asked for.

The only person besides your new partner that you spend the most important and enjoyable days of your life with is the wedding photographer. If you have any conflicts with them or don’t fell comfortable in there presence it will show in the wedding images. It is important that you have total confidence in their ability and get on well with them.

Your wedding album is the only physical product that you receive from your wedding day, if you do not have this or have an inferior album, how will you share with people in the future what is was like. Think of it as an investment for future generations to enjoy not to be embarrassed about.

I hope this helps in the preparations for your choosing a wedding photographer , if you would like a consultation with us about your wedding photography you are welcome to get in touch.
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