8 Fights Every Couple Has During Wedding Planning

Weddings come with their own set of stressful problems and situations that are tossed onto both the bride and the groom. Whether it's making decisions on which vendors to say "I do" to or how much money should be tossed into the overall wedding budget, sometimes the wedding planning process can nearly tear couples apart, rather than bring them together. In order to avoid an unexpected and unnecessary argument during the wedding adventure, take note of these eight common things that couples tend to fight about during the process.

Often times during the wedding planning process, family members will step in and try to have their say or sometimes make decisions for you. If one of your family members is starting to ask you to take sides, take a step back instead to avoid any tension or fighting.

The topic of how much your wedding is going to cost, who is going to pay for it, and where that money is coming from can be quite the point of contention. It's best to set a budget early on and promise each other you'll stick to it, no matter what.

Wedding Style
If one of you wants an outdoor beach wedding and the other wants a wedding in their hometown at a church, it's important to sit down and try to compromise. You want to plan the wedding of both of your dreams, and often times that means you meet some place in the middle, like a church... near a beach.

The Other Party
Things are known to get a little bit wild at bachelor and bachelorette parties and often times these events can cause fights in your relationship. If you're not happy with where one of these parties is taking place or what's going to happen at these parties (cough cough, strippers), voice your concern in a reasonable, mature manner — AKA avoid the passive aggressive fussiness.

You may want to knock this off your list of things to decide early on and plan on what kind of ceremony you want to have before things get sticky. Discuss religion before you discuss money, family, or really anything else.

Prenup Agreements
Didn't see one coming? Well now it's here and the only thing you can do is figure out what you're okay saying yes to — and what you're not.

What Happened Before
Remember, the past is the past. View your wedding journey as something fresh and new and don't bring up old fights or old arguments that should be left where they belong, in the past.
Little Things
Sometimes you may catch yourself fighting over tiny things here and there that are not always wedding related. Wedding planning can be a headache that's hard to shake. So if you find yourself extra stressed, skip the wedding talk and plan a romantic weekend getaway or date night STAT.
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