14 Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable in 2017

Planning your big day takes time, and can sometimes become a little stressful with so many little details to finalize. These 14 things will help you personalize your special day, and make your wedding just as unique as you want it to be!

Guest List & Creative Invitations
​Choosing who is going to be by your side on your wedding day is very important, and not as easy as you may think. First things first, figure out who you want at your wedding and who you don't want at your wedding. If you need some help, check out this helpful invitation diagram. With the help of your significant other, come up with a guest list. Give your guests at least 8 weeks' notice, that way they have no excuses to miss out on your special day.

Here are a few ideas for your "Save the Date" invitations:
Add a pop of color
Keep it simple
Use a scratch-off to reveal the date
Include a photo of the two of you

Beautiful Venue & Location
How beautiful is your venue. How does it come out when decorated? How big is it to accommodate all your quest freely.

Choosing the Perfect Band or DJ
​Choosing the right band or DJ to perform at your wedding is very important. You want to hire a group that has experience,
good reputation.
provide a variety of music genres
are fun, professional, and entertaining
will have your guests on the dance floor all night long
It is a good idea to see a band live before you book them for your wedding.

The Perfect Playlist
​On your wedding day you will want the dance floor to be packed all night long. That is why creating the "perfect playlist" is just as important as picking the right band. Its so embarrassing that the DJ may silence the music in 5 mins time searching for a song.

Delicious Desserts
​Stand out and try something new! Traditional wedding cakes are good, but have you ever been to a wedding that serves macaroons?! What people eat at all weddings should not be a culture. Don't copy all things try to be different

Post-Party Snacks
​If you want your wedding to stand out from the rest, switch it up and bring out some yummy snacks towards the end of your reception. This idea is unique and the possibilities are endless.

The best way to make this day memorable for both you and your guests is to be unique. It is not that often that you hear of food being served at the end of the reception. By this time of the night, your guests are most likely hungry. Give them a snack to take home, and a night to remember!

Your Dream Wedding Dress 
​Picking out the perfect wedding dress is harder than you think. It may take some time. Our advice is to be patient. If you have no idea what you are looking for, try searching the web.Or if you know exactly what you want then don't give up until you find your perfect dress.

Choose a Photographer
​The best way to remember your wedding day years from now, is by hiring someone to capture every special moment. From the photos of your guests to the moment you shove cake in your significant others face, you will want to hold on to these memories forever. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, Life Moments Media we are here for you to capture moments.

​One of the biggest regrets that couples have is not having a video made of their special day. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video must say over a million. Hire a videographer who will turn your wedding day into an amazing movie! 

Come Up With a Theme
​Whether you are having a summer wedding, fall wedding, or any season then you are going to want a theme that sets the tone and ties everything together. Whether it be a color scheme, or other trends, Give your wedding unity, balance, and rhythm by choosing the most fitting wedding theme for you and your spouse. Here are some ideas to consider:
Hobbies (things you like to do as a couple)
How the two of you met
Similar interests (food, sports, etc.)
Favorite colors
For summer- Blue, Peach, and Rose Wedding
For fall- Cranberry, Orange, & Ivory

Wedding Reception Entrance
​Wedding entrances are a special way to stand out on your wedding day. Here are some awesome ideas to make your reception entrance special and unique:
Surprise your guests with a special entry dance
Perform a dance routine with your bridesmaids

Decorations, Flowers & Lighting
​Simple decorations can go a long way, and have your wedding guests raving. By hiring a wedding planner or designer, you can ensure that your day will be just as beautiful as you are. If you are looking for someone to help with decorations, flowers, and lighting, check out Life Moments Media. 

Final Preparations & Tips

​As exciting as your big day is, you may get caught up in all the excitement and forget some key essentials. One of the biggest things that will make your day unforgettable is if something goes wrong, here are some tips to make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day.
Make sure you eat!
Arrange transportation
Pack for your honey-moon early
Most importantly, have fun!!

Goodbyes & Thank-You's
​Last but not least, is sending out thank you cards to those who were able to make your day special. Don't put it off, start sending out your "thank you's" once you're all unpacked from your honeymoon. When writing your letters…
Keep it short & simple
Personalize the message
Keep track of who gave you what gifts

If you are not sure what to say exactly, Keep it short & simple and sincere; "Thank you for joining us to celebrate our big day," mention what they got you, and say how thankful you are that they were able to make your day special.
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