Why We Wanted A Wedding Videography [Our Wedding Video]

An interview with one of our clients as they explain why they wanted a wedding videography on their wedding. 

Alright – I want to start today’s post by saying that EVERYONE is welcome to do what they think is best for their wedding and as a couple. I know that I was on the fence about a TON of wedding decisions. I am so indecisive and it helped me to hear what others had to say about their experiences. That being said, here are the reasons why I am so glad that Innocent and I purchased a wedding videographer.

 I would come across wedding videos and I’m embarrassed to say watch them for hours. It is not a secret that I am an emotional person and watching a good wedding video would perfectly place me into someone’s love story and I would normally lose it and cry. Please raise your hand if you do the same because I know I’m not the only one out there! 

Even though you “soak everything in” there is so much adrenaline running through your body that parts of your wedding day are foggy. Not because you didn’t enjoy them but because your brain and body can only handle so much excitement and happiness. At least thats what happened to Innocent and I. When we finally got to see our video, I was so nervous that the video wouldn’t match my memories of the day because there was so much going on.

 I had wonderful and beautiful memories of the day and I didn’t want to watch a video that made me feel that our special day wasn’t everything I had remembered it as. The video blew my expectations out of the water and reflected exactly what I had felt that day and even more.

It was so fun to see details and moments that I wasn’t personally there to experience. There are moments in our video that are my favorite that I wasn’t even there to see! I loved seeing my dad putting on my husbands suit jacket, my mom rubbing my brother’s face, and people filling into the ceremony spot. These moments would have been lost in the day if we hadn’t had video to capture them.

It give a different perspective from your photos: Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t even want to chose between photography and videography. I believe they both have their place and are (and were) so important to a wedding. However, going through the video, I was much more emotional
It gives people who weren’t there a chance to “feel the day”

. According to research, 33% of your invited guests will be unable to attend you wedding. Some of those people may really want to go but be unable to due to financial reasons, other commitments, or health. Being able to show that person a video of your wedding allows them to live through that video as if they were there celebrating with you on that big day.

Its a great thing to show to your future children: Wedding videography is nothing like it used to be. Modern and creative videography provides a snapshot or trailer of your day in a beautiful way. Tony and I love talking about how fun it will be to share this with our children one day. We love that they’ll be able to see how much we’ve loved each other from the beginning and what we said in our vows. 

It will give them a glimpse into our marriage which may not be a topic they think much about. I hope it (along with our marriage) shapes how they view relationships and how they connect with other people in their future!

I’d like to say a big thank you for those who continued to read all the way to the end. I know I got a little long winded here but its something I’m very passionate about! 
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