2017 Wedding Trends: Hair and Makeup

Every bride wants to look phenomenal on wedding day. After all, it is the bride’s bay. 

The bride and groom are the center-of-attention, but every person will have eyes on the bride, noticing every detail of her attire, hair, and makeup. 

Thus, beauty matters for every bride, and choosing the right hairdo and makeup is important for highlighting her admirable traits. For ideas on how to wear your hair and makeup on your big day, here are the hottest wedding trends for 2017:


Statement Braids

Braids are romantic and create such dramatic attention to your hairdo. This year it’s all about creating intricate, woven braids, drawing attention to the face, yet keeping that dramatic look to the back of your head.
2017 Wedding Trends: Hair and Makeup
Multiple braids layered in an updo is an example of a complex, braid maze that will create a statement hairdo. For something with a casual flair, do a fishtail braid with loose, face-framing strands along the face. If you prefer a more polished wedding trend, you can’t go wrong with pulled-tight braids.

Free-Flowing Dos

For brides with a laid-back vibe, possessing contemporary qualities, the free-flowing hairdo is the best style and can complement either a hairstyle worn up or down. Whether you wear your hair up or down, it is all about adding texture and waves to your locks.

If you prefer your hair down, go for long and flowy, loose waves. On the other hand, a messy and volumized chignon is an example of an updo. If you want, you can even add loose strands around your face. The framing highlights your face and creates soft, loose strands for the free-flowing effect.

Add a Twist

Buns, braids, and knots are popular and for good reason because they create beautiful details to your do. However, if you want a different look from the usual picks, go for a twist. Structured twists look polished and simple, yet they create the same attention provided by other statement dos.


A bride on wedding day is like a princess. And you can play to that effect by accessorizing with a crown. For a modern and polished look, go for pearls, crystals, and precious metals.

If you have a beachside wedding, or if your wedding is a bohemian theme, adorn your head with a fresh flower crown instead. You can add shells, pearls or sea stars to the flowers for some highlights.

If wearing a crown is too much for you, go for smaller headpieces like a thin band with some pearls or crystals. You can also add fresh flowers pinned to your updo, or wear necklaces as a headpiece for some added glamour.


Natural Look

Go nude for a natural look. This no-makeup makeup subtly highlights your features. It’s all about glowing skin with lightly flushed cheeks and a hint of color on the lips. Prepare your skin for this look by exfoliating your face, then moisturize well, and go for light foundation.

Add the rosy cheek effect by lightly dusting on blush on the apple of the cheeks. Then go for a nude colored lipstick for that touch of color on the lips.

Bold Brows

Gently fill in and highlight your brows for dramatic brows. This enhances your eyes and makes your eyes pop.

Luminous Lips

Get glossy lips by exfoliating your lips with a sugar scrub, then apply a similar shade lipstick and lip gloss.
Glowy complexion

The dewy, pearly look complements a bride’s wedding dress. It’s all about using pearly highlighters on cheekbones, the inner eyes and below the brows, creating illuminated skin.

Modern Glamour
For a modern twist to the classic look of red lipstick, go for red with orange undertones and a semi-matte finish. When it comes to eyes, create a geometric, cat-eye look with the eyeliner, making it super thin.

Girly Pink

Pink is the new black. And instead of wearing a smoky look with traditional black hues, go for pink. Highlight your eyes in a smoky pink, while having the rest of your makeup subtle. Alternately, you can also highlight your lips in pink, and choose soft, pastel pinks or corals.

Whatever beauty trend suits you best, run with it. You can mix and match these ideas as you wish. Bring the ideas to your hairstylist and makeup artist, and they can help you look your best. All you have to do is smile and prepare for endless compliments and pictures on your special day.
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