Bridal Headpieces For The Alternative Bride

If the phrase ‘princess for the day’ makes your stomach flip (and not in a good way) you probably fall into the alternative bride category.

This means you aren’t keen on frills and sparkle, you definitely don’t want a fairy-tale dress, and you want to put your own modern stamp on your wedding. Alternative brides aren’t down with tiaras, and a veil just feels a little too traditional. Never fear, here’s our favourite bridal headpieces for the alternative bride.


Silk or real; extravagant or delicate; there is a floral headpiece to match every bride. Flowers worn in a bride’s hair are achingly romantic, and seem to add to the softness and elegance of the day. Choose an on-trend flower crown, or go for a single bloom pinned behind your ear or added to your up do. 

Remember that real flowers when exposed to the heat from your head do have a tendency to wilt, so they need to be added at the last moment and may not make it through the reception.
Bridal headpieces for the alternative bride

A head chain

Add a little bohemian exoticism to your bridal look with a head chain. These delicate chains come intricately detailed or stunningly simple, and are worn down the parting line of your hair, often with gems or metalwork resting on the forehead.

This trend seems to have been born out of the festival scene, as well as calling on Indian bridal traditions. Wherever it comes from, we love it and it’s an easy way to add something unexpected to your bridal look.

A hat

Beloved by 50s and 60s brides, a hat could be the perfect accessory to round off your wedding look. A pillar box hat, perhaps with a short veil, would look divine on a bride with vintage sensibilities. But you can go wild with hat choices depending on your theme.

A wide brimmed white hat might look amazing with a 70s inspired boho dress, while a Victorian inspired top hat could inspire a steampunk bride. Trawl online auction sites and vintage shops for your perfect millinery match.

A fascinator

Fascinators come in so many shapes, styles, and materials that it is impossible not to find one that works with your look. We love feathered fascinators that add a shot of 20s glamour to a bridal updo, and flowered fascinators are an easy way to include a floral element.

Larger structural fascinators can easily give the same effect as a hat whilst offering a little extra control over your hairstyle.

A headband

Think headbands are for the playground? Think again. A headband is an easy to wear accessory that adds just a glimpse of shine or interest to your hair without being overpowering. Metallic designs work well for weddings, and we adore bronze or rose gold designs with an antique twist.

Bear in mind that a headband that is too small can be painful to wear, so you should road test your design before the big day to check on fit and comfort.

A comb

Combs used to make up an important part of a woman’s hairdressing but have now fallen out of popular use. They do, however, make a lovely hair decoration for brides and are sleek, elegant, and pared back. 

Designs vary, but jewelled and pearl designs are a classic choice that will leave you feeling adorned but never overdone. Wear with a classic French twist for a timeless bridal look.

A mermaid crown

Yes, this is an actual thing. Hot on the heels of the flower crown comes the mermaid crown which takes seashells, jewels, and other nautically inspired bits to make an avant-garde head piece. Whilst it hasn’t yet taken the wedding world by storm, it looks likely to be a trend that grows through 2017 and 2018. 

We can see this looking incredibly sweet at a beach or nautically inspired wedding. Pair with a simple dress and let your crown do all the talking.

We hope we have inspired you in your search for wedding headwear. Feel beautiful and completely unique on your wedding day with bridal headwear that makes an impact.

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