Guide to Mother of the Bride Duties and Etiquette

Though you have probably been to countless weddings during your life, none are as meaningful as when your daughter walks down the aisle. Make your daughter's wedding day one she can treasure by flawlessly performing your role as the mother of the bride.

Planning Duties
As the bride's mother you want to help your daughter undertake the enormous task that is wedding planning. However, keep in mind that, although your daughter wants your assistance, she most likely does not want you to take over planning the entire event. Additionally, be mindful of the fact that there is her fiancé and his family to accommodate in the wedding events.

During planning, duties and etiquette as a mother of the bride include:

Basic Etiquette

Share your schedule: Let your daughter know when you're available for wedding planning. This will help her plan any visits or shopping that she wants you along with, but leaves the final decision of when and what to plan up to her.

Step back: It's wise let the bride and groom have some space during the planning process. Some events, like cake tasting or selecting groom's attire, may be more appropriately handled just by the two of them. Remember that the two of them will be making memories during the planning process.

Attend Bridal Shower

It is considered poor taste for a mother of the bride to throw a bridal shower in her daughter's honor, but it is perfectly acceptable for her to attend showers. If your daughter will have several bridal showers thrown in her honor, attend the one that will involve the most family members.

 Also understand that there may be showers you are not invited to such as a "girlfriends only" lingerie shower.

Stay Calm
Help your daughter through any last minute issues that may arise by remaining calm and working to solve the problem.

Ceremony Duties and Etiquette
When the big day arrives, your services will be called upon in multiple ways.

Greet Guests Upon Arrival
In most cases the bride usually doesn't appear until the ceremony has begun. However, the bride's mother can stay in the vestibule or lobby of the ceremony location and greet guests as they arrive. You're not to be seated however, until all of the guests have appeared.

Wait to Be Seated
Once it's time to begin the wedding, the ushers will seat the mother of the groom, followed by the bride's mother. The mother of the bride has one of the most important jobs of the whole wedding, for without her, the wedding ceremony can't begin. The mother of the bride is seated last on purpose, for this is the signal for the ceremony to begin.

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