I'm Sad... My Wedding Photos Are Disappointing.

Just got our wedding pics today.Excitement turned to disappointment once I was done looking through them.

There is not a single shot of my husband and I together close-up. There is just one pic of just the two of us, and it's from far away, we're not looking at the camera, with us against a plain wall on an ugly sidewalk.

All of the "family formals" are pretty much garbage. Had I been the one behind the lens, I would have never let us shoot in that spot - terrible, cluttered framing, with overly harsh flash.

All of the ceremony shots are garbage. Taken from a low angle for some reason, which is not flattering. Half of each pic is taken up by an ugly fence. WHY anyone would shoot like that is beyond me.

The thing is, I have no recourse because it was a friend who generously did it for free. They ARE a professional and normally charge a LOT of money.

Now l regret taking a vendor for free, Let me tell all those who are planning a wedding that please don't  trust services for free its not saving but its destroying your wedding.

Its good to hire a professional not to take a friend for free. You will end up disappointed like me.  
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