Must-Have Wedding Photos You Don't Want to Miss

Putting together your wedding photo short list? Here are some pretty picture ideas you might want to include.

Getting Ready
You'll want to see both sides getting ready, so ask your photographer to shoot the guys doing their ties up while the gals do the same with their zippers.

Your Dress
Granted, you'll have about 100 wedding pictures of you in your dress, but a still life lets you preserve it in your memory just like the first time you saw it -- a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Bridal Details
This portrait is a great way to capture small touches, like hair and jewelry.

Your Rings
You'll actually want two shots. One alone, against your dress, for a high-fashion look, and one of your two rings together, to symbolize your new union.

The Shoe Shot
A cropped pic of your shoes (and fun socks!) gets an update by being casually posed.

Your Invitation Suite
This is probably the most often forgotten photo -- it's not part of the day, like your flowers or cake, and some couples forget to bring it (or ask someone to bring it).

Welcome Bags
You put effort into these gifts for your guests -- make sure your photographer documents them before people dig in.

The Groom's Accessories
This may seem a little "artsy" but it's really nice to have. After all, the groom's extras are carefully chosen too, so why should the dress and bridal accessories get all the love?

The Bridal Bouquet
It's detail shots like these that will really help tell the story of your wedding.

The Bridesmaid Bouquets
A group shot of your bridesmaid bouquets will remind you how much fun it was having these close friends and family by your side.

Groom's Boutonniere
The guy's answer to the bride's bouquet deserves its own picture.

Groomsmen Boutonnieres
If you took the time (and spent the money) to get the guys amazing accents for their suits, why wouldn't you want to capture them for your album?

Bridal Portrait
A posed shot worthy of a fashion magazine will make you feel like a model.

The First Look
A playful take on the first look -- with the bride covering her groom's eyes -- is a new classic.

The Other First Look
You've heard about the first look photo, well this is the first moment the bridal party (and mom and dad) sees you.

Preceremony Notes
This is one of the few personal moments of alone time you have before you say your vows, and while you're reading you'll be in your own world.

Preceremony Emotions
Whether it's your separate car rides to the ceremony or last words of advice from parents, these final moments are emotional, and worth capturing.

The Relaxed Bridal Party
The modern bridal party shot is laid-back and captures the personalities of your friends and family without being too kitschy.

The Modern Family Shot
A super-casual pic of you and your family captures how you really are -- not perfect but perfectly happy.

Bride in Action
A black-and-white shot of movement -- you swishing your dress or, if the weather cooperates, your veil blowing in the wind -- feels uber-romantic and timeless.

A Dramatic Pose
This is your wedding (and album), so if you want your photographer to do a few more artsy or dramatic shots, tell them!

Bridesmaids at the Ceremony
An artistic angle of your bridesmaids at the ceremony gives you a perspective you weren't able to see while at the altar.

The Wedding Party Kids
When these kids are all grown up, how cool will it be to look back at your album and show them you really did know them -- and love them -- when they were itty-bitty?

The Aisle Walk
Whoever accompanies you, this is a dramatic shot you'll treasure long after the recessional.

Groom at the End of the Altar
The look on a groom's face as he awaits his soon-to-be-spouse is always extremely emotional and beautiful.

Your Furry Friend
Don't forget to have your photographer get shots of the personalized details and touches that make your wedding yours alone.

Sweeping Ceremony Shot
Look at your vows from a different view altogether.

Special Traditions
Alert your photographer to any unique aspects of your ceremony, so she can be sure to caption them.

Ceremony Decor
Don't miss shots of small touches you made to make your big moment as pretty as it is special.

Your Guests
Candid shots of your guests' reactions during your ceremony give you a perspective you don't have while you're saying "I do."

We Did It!
The recessional shot is usually one of the happiest in an album.

Make it Legal
You'll have a lot of photos of wedding moments, but there's only one moment where you legally go from single to married.

Environmental Pictures
Pulled-out shots of the entire space, including the sky or ceiling, really set the scene for what it was like on your wedding day.

In-Between Moments
Whether it's you on your way to the ceremony, or you and your dad about to walk down the aisle, the small moments between the big ones sometimes make the best photos.

Reception Decor
Getting a pulled-back shot of your reception before guests arrive will let you get a feel for "the scene" you've set so carefully.

The Guest Book
A shot of your family and friends signing the guest book will make you feel like you're a guest at your own wedding -- in the best possible way.

Reception Tables
From the centerpieces to the chairs and flatware, have your photographer capture all the decorative details.

Escort Cards
If you spent time (or money) on unique escort cards, this is a must-have for your album.

They are many but mention just a few. Having all these shots your photo album will tell a story. This is the advantage of hiring a professional to shoot your wedding. 
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