Not Hiring A Wedding Videographer Is A Bride's Biggest Regret

Not having a wedding video to cherish after the big day is one of the most common regrets felt by today’s real brides. We take a look at why couples overlook these amazing memory makers.

When you start your planning, a wedding videographer might not be on the top of your list of priorities, but it really is the best way to capture people’s emotions on the day.

We hear time and time again that brides book their videographer at the very last minute with any spare cash they’ve got left, but we really think it’s a wedding essential and something that you should have budgeted for, right from the start.

Wedding photographs are essential, of course, but actually being able to hear the speeches, laughter and the emotion in your guest’s voices is truly priceless. 

The majority of camcorders and mobile phones are unable to capture the same quality that professional video cameras can and because this is a film that you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life, it’s worth allocating some of your budget to make sure you get the best possible footage.

7 top tips for hiring a videographer

1. Check show reels, these will show the style of the videographer’s work.

2. Specify the editing style (contemporary, documentary, etc), you really want to have a film that tells a personal story about your big day.

3. Check price lists before arranging any meetings with videographers and confirm with them what they offer within the quoted package.

4. Ask the videographer what type of equipment and lighting they will use during your wedding.

5. Check if your package includes the use of an additional video camera. If you did want an additional camera, ask how much it would cost.

6. Ask the videographer if they will have a written contract that both parties will sign, ask for a sample copy before booking.

7. Check how much the videographer will charge you for additional hours beyond the agreed contract or filming at any locations other than the wedding venue.

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