What You Should NOT Wear To A Wedding

One of the biggest thing at a wedding there was a guest “wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap” during the ceremony. “Let’s remember it’s a church not in basketball game.”

Here we posed the common questions guests have about what to wear for weddings.

1. What should guests never wear?

Ladies: “Nothing skimpy, see-through, bare-backed or plunging necklines or anything that attracts attention to you and away from the bride.”

Men: “No shorts and T-shirts or open footwear. Always opt for a suit or similar, and keep those jackets on.”

2. Can you ever wear black or white?

Ladies: “These days there is more acceptance to black or white outfits for ladies, but if you choose black or white make sure your accessorise with a bright colour i.e.dark dress or skirt with lighter coat.

“Never wear an all white full-length dress, (no upstaging the Bride), or wear just black as if going to a funeral. “Remember full-length dresses are normally reserved for black or white tie events. “A white accessory, when put with a strong coloured outfit is perfectly acceptable.”

Men: "Gentlemen can get away with a black suit and shoes paired with a brighter tie.”Don't wear trainers or sunglasses to wedding."

3. Can you ever wear lace? “Lace is fine so long as it's teamed with a bright colour and a shift is worn underneath, but not a full-length dress.”

4. Can you wear a dress to match the colour scheme?“If you know the bride’s colour scheme then the correct etiquette would be to avoid that!”

5. What should you wear for a smart casual dress code?

Ladies: “Afternoon dress and a hat if you wish, but please not big affairs! Flat shoes or heels are both acceptable.”

Gentlemen: “If you feel comfortable in a lounge suit then this is always acceptable with the option of removing one’s tie. For something more casual then a pair of chinos paired with a tailored shirt and blazer will suffice.”Don't wear all-white .

6. Can you ever wear jeans or trainers to a wedding?
“If the groom is wearing jeans and trainers then this is the only exception I can think of, but let’s hope not!”

7. Can women get away with not wearing a fascinator or hat?
“Yes, but if on the invitation you are requested to wear one please do. If not, you are breaking their dress code, which is the height of bad manners.

“Please make sure your shoes are clean and appropriate for the venue so no stilettos at a beach wedding, or flip flops at a formal reception and no trainers! Not a good look with a suit.”
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