Why Mothers Words On A Wedding Are Important.

A wedding is a major event, and a mother's words to her daughter for the wedding can be a way to give her advice, tell her how much she loves her, and share her excitement. She’ll treasure it for years to come.

Mother's words are full of....

1. A Touching Message
She might be crying its okay at weddings, she will be expressing truly how she is feeling saying words like:

"You have brought so much happiness and love to our lives. You made our family complete, and we can’t wait until you can experience this joy with a family of your own. We are proud of everything you have accomplished in your life and the woman you have become".

2. Some Good Advice
Her words to her daughter for the wedding is an optimal opportunity to share some of her advice like:

"I have been wrong plenty of times in my relationship with your father, but every time I took an opportunity to learn something new. Tell your husband how much you love him, as often as you can. Be fun, but be real. Appreciate him for the man he is and the man he will become".

What if all these word of saying goodbye, touching massage, good advice are being recorded ? and photo of a mother expressing her feeling to her daughter. Don't let these moments pass by without being captured. 

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