Why You Need a Wedding Planner

What do you imagine when you think of wedding planners

Is it the overbearing Frank from Father of the Bride – or a seriously uptight Jennifer Lopez trying not to swoon over Matthew McConaughey? In real life, wedding planners are there to help create a day that reflects the things you love while also making sure everything runs smoothly. 

They coordinate suppliers, make sure your venue looks perfect, and generally take away a whole pile of wedding headaches.

Still unconvinced? Here’s why you need a wedding planner.

They save you money

Couples are often reluctant to invest in a wedding planner because of the associated expense without considering all the ways a planner might save you money. Having links with the top suppliers brings with it a lot of negotiation power that can end up knocking zeroes off your final bill.
Why You Need a Wedding Planner
Great event planning knowledge also brings with it an eye for just how much you need to build the perfect wedding. From hiring the ideal number of waiters to balancing your drinks package, some insider info can go a long way. Part of the planning service should be taking your budget and sticking to it.

They save you time

Everyone is busy. Busy with work, with children, friends, and with everyday life in general. All these commitments make your time incredibly precious. Planning a large wedding can be a huge time sucker, and a wedding planner can help give you some of those precious hours back.

If you’re spending every spare moment organising, consider bringing in a wedding planner to take away some of the strain. They will often be happy to focus on just a couple of aspects of your day which will spare your budget whilst giving you some much needed wedding relief.

They reduce your stress levels

Weddings are an odd mix of the wonderful and the stressful – take away the stressful and you are left with all the more wonderful. This is possibly the most valuable benefit a wedding planner can bring to your day.

Organising a large event is hard work – it can easily take over your every waking thought during what should be a really special and happy time in your life. If your stress levels have hit the roof, why not bring in some outside help?

They help you stay on track

Are you an organisational force of nature, or are you distracted by every pretty new table setting you see? If you’re struggling to bring focus to your wedding, a planner might just be the answer. They can help you focus on the ideas and themes that really matter, and follow this vision through the whole wedding.

An experienced wedding planner will be able to give you a steer on what works and what perhaps isn’t a great fit. They shouldn’t design your wedding but they can help make your design an attractive reality.

They help your day flow

On the day, being able to enjoy every moment without worrying about the logistics behind it is invaluable. From directing guests to ensuring you stick to schedule, having an ally behind the scenes can feel like a secret wedding superpower.

Imagine your favourite, most organised friend directing your wedding – that’s how a really good wedding planner should make you feel. An experienced planner should also have a fantastic knowledge of your venue and understand who to speak to in order to get things done.

Wedding planners aren’t the solution for everyone. However, if we’ve convinced you, speak to your local planner and find out how they could make your dream day run a little more smoothly. The benefits might just surprise you.

Source - easyweddings.co.uk
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