5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Decorator

Are you currently trying to decide if you should hire someone to help you with your wedding planning needs as well as styling your wedding room? If you are on the fence about your decision, we have 5 reasons you should really consider hiring a wedding decorator for your big day.

Here are 5 Reasons to hire a wedding decorator on your event

1. If you are looking for something that is unique but have no idea on how to start then hire someone. 

If you are a bride that has a love for unique and creative style and you’re trying to find a way of putting it all together, then you should consider hiring a specialist. Sizzle with décor can help you create the unique style that you are looking for. We are here to create a wedding that feels truly unique and especially curated just for you. None of our weddings are ever the same.

2. You should consider hiring a professional wedding decorator if you have no clue about decorating.

If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by everything involved in coming up with the perfect décor theme and vision, then go ahead and hire a designer. They will be able to guide you and create something that is a representation of both of you as a couple.

3. Are you all about branding and keeping the look the same from wedding invitation to ceremony décor?

A professional wedding decorator can ensure your wedding is kept with the colours, theme and brand you had in mind.

4. You should consider hiring a professional wedding decorator if you have a plain and simple room to work with.

If your room is literally within 4 blank walls, really think about giving it little touches by investing in great light work, wall draping and unique rentals to bring it to life. A blank canvas is every decorator’s dream as you can really transform it into anything you really want.

5. Do you just not have enough time in your hand or the money to purchase your own décor or source out some décor?

Then you need to hire someone. If you are looking to decorate your own room, then you will spend a lot of time sourcing out, looking up ideas, ensuring the venue allows it etc. A professional decorator already knows the venue, they can easily work with your vision and they already have the items needed. 

Let a professional handle your vision and elevate all the stress that comes with planning a wedding. 

Enjoy your day and let us transform your wedding venue in your dream fairy-tale.
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