9 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your entire life, and you’re going to want to be able to relive and remember it 10 days after, 10 months after, 10 years after, and when your children and grandchildren are getting married. Yet, no matter how good your memory is, as the years pass, your recollection of this exciting and joyful period of your life will naturally fade. 

So as you plan your wedding day, here are 10 ideas to help you remember your wedding day.

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1. Keep a journal of the period from your engagement to your wedding day, and even of your honeymoon.

Pick up a journal and name it “Bride-to-Be Book,” and start recording all the big and little things you experience as you plan your wedding, including your impressions, thoughts about the significance, feelings, and of course the fun things you and your partner do to celebrate your special engagement period.

2. Choose to make wedding photography one of the highest priorities of your wedding planning.

Your pictures are your memories, making photography the ultimate treasure. No worldly possession can replace your memories, and so as each year goes by, your wedding photography becomes ever more valuable. 

 So as much as possible, focus on quality and service when evaluating and selecting your professional wedding photographer, because as we all know, your wedding is one event that doesn’t have a do-over.

3. Collect the records of the first dance songs that your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents danced to at their weddings.

Put the records out at your wedding reception and allow guests to sign the records. Then mount each record in a shadow box and hang them in your home.

4. Ask wedding guests to write notes to you to be opened in future years.

Place a nicely printed card on each plate inviting your guests to write a note to you to be opened between 1 and 10 years or more in the future. (So one table might have a 1-year note, another table has a 2-year note, etc.) 

Leave pens and envelopes on the table, and have a family member or maid of honor or best man collect the sealed notes at the end of the wedding reception. Then, on each wedding anniversary, that person delivers to you the notes for that year, which you open to relive your wedding day memories!

5. Write your own wedding vows and have them printed on cloth like a tapestry.

Be sure to have your professional wedding photographer also capture some bride & groom portraits in front of it!
Then, after the wedding, hang the fabric in your home on a decorative curtain rod.

6. Hang engagement & wedding photography in your home.

Your engagement & wedding photography won’t bring back memories of your special day if all they do is sit on the hard drive of your computer. 

Instead, decorate your home by hanging wall portraits from your wedding in prominent areas of your home that you spend a lot of time in, such as your family room or living room.

7. Place an album of your engagement photography and/or wedding photography on your coffee table.

Instead of doing a traditional album of engagement portraits, ask your professional wedding photographer about a guest sign-in album, which has extra white space so that family & friends can write their best wishes around the photographs at your wedding reception. 

For your wedding album, ask your photographer to include the lyrics of your first dance song or even your vows if you wrote your own.

8. Use the table runner from your wedding reception in your dining room

Getting table runners for your wedding reception? Don’t just rent. Buy at least one, and keep it to adorn the dining room table or buffet in your home.

9. Pass On Your Wedding Dress, But Not in the Way You’re Imagining

Save your wedding dress and hire a seamstress to make a purse for your daughter or granddaughter as a gift on her wedding day.

Use these 9 ideas to make a collection of family heirlooms to last the ages, as each can and should be handed down, generation after generation. Congratulations on your engagement!

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