Here's What to Feed The Bridal Party (and Yourself!) As You Prep For Your Wedding Day [Part 2]

There’s a lot of excitement and even more to do. Our most important piece of advice? Don’t forget to eat.

We rounded up some of our favorite hors d’oeuvres and appetizers to serve as inspiration for your day-of, getting ready with your girls menu.


You should never underestimate the energizing powers of good red meat. Sliders, like these from Analogue, are the perfect bite-sized snack. These might get in the way of a good lipstick but baby burgers are always a hit, especially when eaten in silk bathrobes during your blow-out.


To continue this indulgent theme, why not have a few arancini, as well? Fried rice balls—these are from Spaghetti Incident—are poppable and super satisfying. Gobble up a few during your pedicure and you’ll be good to go.


The great thing about a quiche is that it’s delicious when cold, room temperature, or hot, which is ideal for when wedding prep time can take hours.
Here's What to Feed The Bridal Party (and Yourself!) As You Prep For Your Wedding Day [Part 2]
It can also be customized to the tastes of your bridal party. Vegetarians? Keep it to cheese and veggies. Carnivores? Go heavy on the bacon. Vegans? Meh, maybe try something else.


If you can manage to get a fresh frittata for your crew, it can be a lifesaving snack. It’s got the protein, isn’t very messy, and won’t be too bloating, since that is often a concern. Like the quiche, frittatas are easily customizable.

While it doesn’t have that lovely, buttery crust, it will still satisfy your need for something warm and comforting.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

While shrimp cocktail is perfectly good on its own, this version takes it up a notch with a sweet and tangy sauce of ketchup, tomato puree, plenty of citrusy lime juice, and fresh herbs. As a tip, if you’re paranoid about your hands smelling shrimpy, just rub them with some lemon. Problem solved.

Quinoa Taco Salad

For a little more Mexican influence, go for a taco salad. It’ll give you the best of both worlds: some salad if you want something light and tortilla strips to soothe those salty, crunchy cravings. Agave-lime vinaigrette doesn’t hurt, either.

Baked Brie en Croute

There is nothing prettier than this baked brie en croute from Serious Eats, though, we’re not quite sure if it’s more enjoyable to look at than to eat.

A few cracker scoops of this warm and creamy brie paired with a tart fig jam and your team will be ready to dance down the aisle.

Fig and Goat Cheese Salad

Speaking of figs, this is a great and balanced plate to serve to your bridal party. Crunchy marcona almonds, salty goat cheese, and sweet figs are a great combination. A bit of hot honey rounds out the salad with some warmth.

This one will taste just as good cold as it will room temperature, so leave it out for the ladies to pick at throughout the afternoon.

Meats and Cheese

Okay, so we covered a fair amount of cheese but let’s not forget about cheese’s best friend: meat. Keep the party energized and not super bloaty with plenty of prosciutto and sopressata. If you want to throw in some toast triangles or hearty crackers, you most definitely should.


We covered you pretty well with savory foods, but what about your guests who want something sweet? Or something breakfasty? Well, there’s truly no better option than a few great doughnuts.

While we’ll never turn our noses up at a good old glazed Dunkin’, try finding some that are as fresh as you—like those from 7th Avenue Doughnut Shop in Brooklyn.

Spiced Nuts

Okay, now it’s snack time. If your team has had their fill of breakfast and lunch options, you want to make sure you have a lot of little snacks for munching until it’s go-time. Forego boring trail mix for a bowl of spiced nuts. Here are three versions, each more addictive than the last.

Spiced Popcorn

Same goes for popcorn. Skip the air-popped stuff and get something with some extra flavor. Try this version from Distilled, which is topped with a special “magic dust.”

With a little research, we found out it’s a combination of nutritional yeast, sugar, garlic powder, sea salt, cumin, and gochuaru (which is sort of like a smoky Korean paprika).

Cheesy Puffs

Sometimes, you just want some comfort food and Cheetos are definitely high on our list. But these are some cheesy puffs you can feel a little better about. Made by Fuller Foods, they’re free of bad additives and are made with Bob’s Red Mill corn and 100% real cheese.

No preservatives, either. Fair warning: they’ll still stain your fingers, so be prepared with some emergency wet wipes.


Granola is a great snack while you’re gearing up for the party. But instead of guzzling granola that’s full of sugar and preservatives, go for a small-batch, thoughtfully made brand like Hudson Henry Baking Co. Better yet, pair it with some creamy Greek yogurt and some fruit. Parfaits make a pretty and satisfying snack for the team.

All the Snacks, Ever

If you want to provide your bridal party with all the snacks they could ever want, you should really just order a big package from Mouth.

Mouth has long been a favorite for beautifully packaged, well-sourced food items, from wagyu beef jerky to sweet corn chips produced from a third-generation farmer. If you know your crew is going to be munchy, order a snack box and present everything on a pretty tray for everyone to enjoy.

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