Here's What to Feed The Bridal Party (and Yourself!) As You Prep For Your Wedding Day

We know there is an unbelievable amount to consider on your wedding day. 

There’s a lot of excitement and even more to do. Our most important piece of advice? Don’t forget to eat.

Wobbling down the aisle because you’re lightheaded—or worse, stamping down it because you’re hangry—will not feel good.

We rounded up some of our favorite hors d’oeuvres and appetizers to serve as inspiration for your day-of, getting ready with your girls menu. We get that some crews will want to keep things light, while others will want to indulge (we’ve got it all covered).

Whether you’re getting a caterer, cooking something up, or ordering in, you’ll be glad for the fuel, so you (and your bridal party) can be energized and happy the whole day through.

And P.S: don’t forget to hydrate, too. You have a long, spirited night ahead.

Avocado Toast

Everyone loves avocado toast. Sure, it’s a little “basic” but maybe we’re a little basic, too. This one from by Chloe. is particularly creamy (and pretty). Your healthy friends will appreciate the good avocado fat and the rest will appreciate the carbs. It’s the best of both worlds for everyone in your world.

Asparagus Tartine

Here's What to Feed The Bridal Party (and Yourself!) As You Prep For Your Wedding Day
If you’re down for some kind of toast situation but want something more unique, try this asparagus tartine. It’s bright, refreshing, crunchy, and creamy, thanks to quickly blanched and shocked asparagus and smooth ricotta cheese.

Fresh Ricotta on Its Own

If your party isn’t into the tartine, then just give them the ricotta on its own for dipping with whatever they please. It’s a delicious, protein-packed snack—and looks glorious on a plate when drizzled with some olive oil like this one. (And you can provide some good, crusty bread for those who do want the carbs.)


No, crudite definitely doesn’t have to be boring—just look at this one from the NoMad. It’s gorgeous, colorful, and served with a delectable, creamy dressing.

The great thing about veggies is that they are crumb-free. Plus, if you have multiple dips (just wait until later), they can be multi-purpose.


Speaking of dips, any pre-game is better with baba on hand. Use it for your veggies or toasted pita triangles.

It’s a great way to get some good energy without filling you up too much. Ditto for hummus of all varieties. Maybe skip the garlic one, for obvious reasons.

Legit Salads

If your crew is of the salad-eating variety, get them a salad that actually tastes good and is balanced with proteins and veggies and whole grains—like these ones from Made Nice, the casual but refined restaurant by chef Daniel Humm and Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad.

There is a wide variety of super hearty salads on the menu, like the Khao Salad with hanger steak a la plancha, roasted broccoli, crispy rice, Parmesan, lemon, chili, and crispy shallots. And if you’re getting married in NYC, did we mention they deliver?

Watermelon Salad

Oh man, do we love the watermelon salad from Fornino. The cold chunks of watermelon are just sweet enough (and hydrating!) while the ricotta salata adds a salty punch.

A few slices of almonds? Don’t mind if we do. This will be a hit—and far more popular than those tired Edible Arrangements.

Fried Chickpeas

These tasty little chickpeas are packed with protein and easy to pop in your mouth even after your lipstick has been applied. We love the ones from La Vara, but you can find them packaged from a bunch of different brands.

To keep your hands clean, you can go for the “regular” flavor, but if you want to live on the edge, spiced ones are really addictive.

Green Smoothie

Of all the wedding planners we spoke to on this topic, the most highly suggested item was a green smoothie.

Top NYC planner Melissa McNeeley suggests one made with avocado, cashews, coconut, water, and frozen mangoes. But if you want to pick one up, try the one from by Chloe.—it’s is as delicious as it is convenient

Green Smoothie Bowl

And of course, nothing is better than your favorite food served in a bowl. We love that smoothie bowls are satisfying, crunchy, tasty—and contained. Plus, a bowl feels more like a meal and can be topped with all sorts of goodies, like almond butter, granola, fruit, and the like.

Crunchy Cauliflower with Ghee

Perfect for your dairy-sensitive guests and vegetarians, this cauliflower dish from Babacool contains activated charcoal, ghee (aka clarified butter), and antioxidant-rich goji berries. It may sound too (healthy and) good to be true, but it is seriously delicious with plenty of smoke and a lot of crunch.


Yep, we said it. Haley Harper Kelly from A Charleston Bride says that many of her clients indulge in some serious fried chicken and biscuits on the day of. Needless to say, we’re moving to the South.

Mini Meatballs

So, you want some protein but you aren’t entirely ready to chow down on fried chicken? Try these hoisin-glazed mini meatballs. They’re sweet, tangy, and easy to pop right in your mouth with a toothpick—your makeup artist will thank you.

Ginger Chews

No matter what you decide to feed your bridal party and yourself, you better bet that there’s going to be some nerve-induced indigestion (or fried chicken-induced). For that, we eat Reed’s Ginger Chews, our secret to digestive success.

They’re packed with spicy ginger to reduce inflammation and soothe your tummy. We buy them by the pound, and you should, too.

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