How to Negotiate With Wedding Vendors

Weddings can be costly, and everybody wants to stick to get the lowest price with the highest quality. If you consider yourself to be a bad negotiator who can't even haggle in a traditional market, don't worry just yet. Just follow the steps below, we're sure you'll be able to get the best deals in no time.

1. Be reasonable
Price is determined by the experience, reputation, and quality that a wedding vendor is known for. Don't insult your potential vendors by asking for a 50% discount outright, especially without having a background check about their reputation.

2. Be transparent about your budget
Don't beat around the bush when talking about your wedding budget, as your vendors will actually be able to offer better ideas if they know your budget. If you don't have one, your vendor will give the highest service quality available, of course, with a price tag that matches it.

3. Stay honest and fair
The wedding industry is not that big, and most vendors actually know each other personally. Don't simply lie about a previous quote given by another vendor just to force a potential vendor to give you a better price.

4. Ask for more than discounts
There are still alternatives if you can't get a discount. Instead of asking a vendor to reduce their price, you can ask for more services or products. For example, ask for more reception hours or if you are dealing with catering, ask for more variety of desserts
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