Other Ways to Thank Your Wedding Vendors

Gratitude doesn't have to involve money, and there are many other ways to thank your vendors. If you'd like to show your appreciation in different ways instead of or in addition to giving tips, you can try out some non-monetary ways below.

1. Let them post photos of your wedding online
Most wedding vendors have websites and social media to promote their services and engage better with their customers. Although you might want to keep your wedding intimate and exclusive, giving your vendors permission to post photos of their work is a simple way to help their business grow. Just tell them up front if some photos are off limits. Whenever you post your wedding photos on your own social media account, don't forget to give your vendors credit by tagging their accounts.

2. Give them a shout-out during your reception
Not many couples think of this, but your wedding is also a vendor showcase for engaged couples who happen to be in your guest list. When you give your wedding speech before a toast or right before your reception party starts, you can thank the vendors that you appreciate the most.

3. Submit your photos to a wedding blog
Many wedding blogs, just like this one, feature stories of real weddings. Just submit your beautiful wedding and our team will more than happy to post it. This is a great way to easily share your photos with loved ones while also helping vendors and inspiring engaged couples.

4. Send them a handwritten note
After you're done with all the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, take some time to personally write thank you notes for your vendors. It doesn't have to be a long-winded letter, just be simple and straightforward. You can even do this during your honeymoon by sending them postcards from wherever you will be.

5. Refer them to your friends and family
Spread the good word by letting other people know about your satisfying experience with your vendors. Referring them to your friends and family is actually the best way to help your vendors grow their business. Aside from that, your loved ones will also be happy to finally meet the vendors of their dreams.

6. Hire them for another event
Don't worry, we're not telling you to go through another wedding. Many vendors, such as your photographer, decorator, and caterer, can usually handle other types of private parties and events. The next time you're thinking of having an office party or birthday celebration, reach out to your tried-and-tested vendors.

7. Give them good reviews
If your wedding vendor is listed on Bride-story, you can easily help them by leaving a good review on their profile page. Simply search for your vendor by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the top-right side of this page, open the Reviews tab, and start writing. Remember to be honest and fair in your review, as it will help others consider whether to hire them or not.

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