Things Not to do With Your Partner

To build up a strong and healthy relationship a lot of things are needed to be kept in mind. Everything is to be done very carefully and patiently, because slight scratch is enough to destroy the beauty of something. Certain things are strict ‘no’ and should never be done to your partner. If done, it can leave a deep and ugly impact.

The following are some of those, which you must definitely avoid.

Don’t break trust:
Trust is the foundation on which the entire relation is built. Mutual trust is extremely necessary to carry on a relationship forward. Avoid doing such things that would break one’s trust. Once trust is broken, a relationship would not take much time to crash down. Try to maintain the faith that you have in your partner.

Never interrupt too much:
Everyone has got a different way to lead life. Don’t try to poke your nose into anything. Interrupting too much can irritate your partner. Obviously too much interruption could make a person feel as if he or she is leading a captive life. Give enough freedom so that they too can satisfy their own needs in their own way.

Don’t talk very harshly:
How can you even think of doing so? Your partner is the one who would be there always to stay beside you. Do show the respect that they deserve. Whatever be the situation, it is always better to talk and settle down matters peacefully. Talking harshly would not only worsen up things but it will also make you worthless to get any respect.

No one would like to spend their life with someone who cannot talk in a respectful manner. Harsh and rude talk can also affect your partner emotionally.

Don’t disappoint in times of need:
In times of urgency everyone would try to look for the person they trust the most. Feel lucky that you are the one at the top of the list, so don’t disappoint your partner in times of need. Make yourself available at any cost. That is the most crucial time when the worth of a relationship is tested.

If you cannot be available physically, then do stay in touch with your partner with other means of communication, so that your partner never feels alone. Give them courage and bring back the confidence in them to face whatever situation they are into.

Never lie:
What is the need to lie and welcome problems in the coming future? No matter how cruel the truth is, don’t hesitate to speak out. Always remember the famous quote that a stitch in time saves nine. A harsh truth would definitely disappoint your partner for a while but there would be still hope and faith remaining in your relationship. Your partner would not hesitate to bank upon you in the coming days. Also the faith in the relationship would remain the same.

Don’t force to do something:
Give enough freedom to your partner to choose and do something according their wish. Give your partner the required space. Never force your partner to do things as per your wish. Don’t force to do things on which she would not agree. You cannot act bossy to someone. If you don’t like something which your partner does then just speak up with valid reasons and leave the rest to their own conscience. But believe one thing that your partner would definitely stop doing things that you hate.

Don’t torture:
Avoid torturing physically and mentally. Don’t be mean and commit such inhuman crimes. You don’t own anybody. It is always better to deviate peacefully and walk along different roads instead of carrying on the burden together.

Stop criticizing:
Don’t thrust your personal point of view into everything that your partner does. It is not at all good to keep criticizing about something. Do inoculate and practice the art of adjustment and also how to appreciate the thoughts of other persons too.

Never break promises:
Why to promise something which you cannot keep. Their always exists an emotional bond in every relationship and when promises are broken, the emotional attachments are strained too. Next time do think twice that whether you will be able to keep your promise or not. It is not good to hurt someone’s expectations.

Don’t recall the past:
Bury all the past stories that your partner has and ensure that it never pops up in your present and future. The person in front of today is the original one and you need to accept the fact with open arms. We definitely cannot change your past but we can improve our present and the coming future.
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