This Is How I Remember My Wedding Day

For the most important day of my life, I chose a designer dress from a local boutique. It was beaded and gorgeous. I wore the dress for a total of six hours. Yes, less than your average workday. My dream frock ended up costing several hundred dollars an hour. Today, it is sitting in a Space Bag in my basement among Christmas decorations, wedding videos, and baby clothes that I can't seem to part with. 

One thing that l can never put away from me is my wedding video DVDs. They brings me memory of how my special day was and seeing uncle Jim dancing on the dance floor.

My parents did everything they could to ensure that my husband and I, their only daughter, had the most amazing wedding experience. And I assure you, we did. But I don't remember the details from my wedding any more than I remember details from last Tuesday. My Videographer & Photographer worked the entire day to make sure that we will have moments captured for history. 

Looking at the pictures and video the guests who got a slice of  my cake were smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves.

That one day of your life is about so much more than the details. It's about the big picture. If you can reflect on your wedding day fondly, even if you don't have every minute memorized, that's OK because Life Moments will give you memories inform of pictures & video. 

When l take my wedding album and watch my wedding video This Is How I Remember My Wedding Day
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