What To Display On Wedding Table

Wedding Table decoration is a part of wedding party theme. Its a detail touch after you decide the concept and theme for your wedding. Design the table to be functional as well as decorative.

What is your style?

As part of the theme, wedding table decoration represents you and your partner.  It does not matter which theme you have choose together but it is a lot matter to represent the wedding theme based on couple personality.

What is on the table?

1. Name cards and place cards holders. 
Presenting an elegant place card can be the first impression for the guest. They are etiquette to  place the card in a proper position.

2. Vases and vessels.
Not that flowers and all decorations should be below the eye level.

3. Napkin decoration.
A nice napkin decoration look your table more perfect.

4. Table numbers. 
Well designed to maximize the beauty of the decor

5. Candles and holders.
A nice candle and holders can maximize your wedding table decoration.

6. Put ceiling with lantern based on your theme.

7. Chair backs and chair signs.
It is good if the chair backs has the same color with the ceiling.

8. Guest book and pen.
Your guest book are really important for years to come . Choose the wedding book that impressed the guest and you will until your fifth anniversary

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