10 Wedding Photography Lessons: Learn from Where Other Brides Failed

Every now and then, we hear how bad wedding photographers disappointments after the wedding day, there’s really nothing you can do with bad printed pictures, since no one throws another wedding just to have better pictures (than their last wedding). If you’ve not yet chosen a photographer, there is something you can do to avoid becoming a victim – scroll down to read and follow our 10 tips for finding a photographer that won’t disappoint.

Consider the following 10 lessons as a guide, when hiring a wedding photographer. Here are the things you should do, things to avoid, where to shine your eyes:

1. Don’t believe what a vendor tells you. Just because someone walks around hanging a camera does not mean he knows how to use it well.
2. Just because someone showed you professionally photographed pictures does not mean he was the one that snapped them.
3. Just because someone referred you to ‘their photography website or Instagram’ does not mean that they are the ones that snapped the pictures you saw – did you read their Instagram comments and saw some sort of testimonials from the people in the pictures? Did you hear from anyone who has used them before?
4. Don’t plan to pay too-cheap for a wedding photographer – the good ones don’t come cheap.Instead, cut down cost from one wedding area to make up the cost of a GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. Examples of where to cut costs are: number of guests to invite (so that you can lower the cost of food/ drinks, venue), outfits etc.
5. Decide early on to make GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY a priority, not just about having wedding pictures. Plan and decide to have GOOD WEDDING PICTURES.
6. Decide that you will hire a good photographer.
7. Decide upfront that ‘CHEAP’ will not be the reason for you to hire ‘just anyone’ as your wedding photographer.
8. Be true to yourself in what you can afford. Don’t plan to have both a videographer and a photographer IF you have a small budget and all you can afford is only a photographer. *If you have GOOD WEDDING PICTURES, you can make them into a slideshow video, and that will be nice – instead of horrible or low quality pictures and low quality video.
9. Be sure that your photographer will come with a second shooter/ assistant. If not, arrange for someone else to also snap photos – just in case your main photographer fails to capture some important shots.
10. If you find a very good, professional wedding photographer, hire them fast and don’t look back

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