Best Man Duties – Responsibilities And Tasks For The Groom's Wing Man

You’ve spent months, maybe years planning your wedding, and it all comes down to one special day.But when the actual day arrives, the running of the wedding, from start to finish, no longer falls on your shoulders. The wedding should be completely relaxed for the bride and groom, and it’s up to the bridal party and groomsmen to ensure the day runs smoothly without a hitch. The most important responsibilities are with the best man.


Here are the five most important best man duties he MUST be prepared for…

Five important best man duties…

If the groom is a little unsettled about the big day, it’s down to the best man to ensure he is calm. If he is nervous about doing a wedding speech or being the center of attention, reassure him that everything will be great and all eyes will actually be on the bride! On top of this, it’s essential that the best man has the groom’s best interests at heart – one of the most important things to monitor is that the groom doesn’t get drunk.

The guests are the most important people in the bride and groom’s lives, so it’s one of the best man duties to ensure they are all happy. From keeping them dry from any rain with umbrellas, to chatting to any guests that look left alone, it’s up to the best man with the help of his ushers to make sure every guest has a great time.

Most guests won’t have a clue where they’re going unless they’ve been to the venue before, so one of the best man duties is to make sure everyone knows exactly where to go and what time they need to get a move on. He needs to have a schedule to hand and keep an eye on the time throughout the day.

Many people think this is the most important and difficult role of the best man, but actually, it’s one of the easiest best man duties. Although the wedding speech needs to be kept a secret until the big day, it’s always wise for the best man to run it by a few mutual friends of the bride and groom to ensure it’s not too risque. The best man needs to be aware of his audience, be sensitive to the bride’s feelings and be aware of children and the elderly present.

The last thing the bride and groom will want to worry about is paying suppliers on the day. The best man needs to collect cash envelopes with outstanding payments for each supplier from the bride and groom before the wedding and give it to each supplier as soon as they are finished on the day.

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