Brides, How to Avoid Being Late to Your Own Wedding Ceremony

It is said that 80 percent of brides will arrive late to their own weddings, even those that always arrived early to everything all their lives. You too could be late to your wedding, but we’ll reveal to you the top wedding-day time-sucking mistakes to avoid, and walk you through how to be early to your wedding ceremony and reception. 

Etiquette demands, and it’s even commonsense, to be on time to events, especially if it’s your wedding day. I as a photographer have work with many brides and have saw many things that have caused many wedding to start late waiting for the bride . Being behind-the scenes at most weddings, l saw firsthand everything brides do on the morning of their weddings, and has seen enough of what makes about-to-wed ladies late. In this article, l will reveal helpful advice and tips, what to do, and what not to do” – to help you avoid being late for your wedding ceremony or reception

It’s very easy for single ladies to criticize a bride for coming late to her wedding ceremony location but sadly most of those critics will end up making the same mistakes on their own wedding day. As an experienced wedding and lifestyle photographer, I have the privilege to share with you some behind-the-scenes common mistakes that can make any bride to arrive late to her own wedding ceremony (church) venue. 

Please note the tips I will provide here are purely based on my personal observations while working very closely with my wedding clients. Enjoy and take action!

#1. Poor Planning and Failure to Delegate
It is a common saying that one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Most brides want to do their wedding planning, pricing, bargaining and shopping alone – without help. Sadly, they fail to delegate minor duties to other people. The I can do it all by myself attitude has never helped any bride in the past, neither will it help you.

EXPERT ADVICE: So start planning with trusted friends and loved ones to delegate duties to them. This will give you more time to concentrate on other important activities. If your budget can accommodate it, you can also seek the services of a professional wedding planner. These will take most of the burden that come with planning off your shoulders. Brides must learn to trust other people to do some things for them rather than thinking that nobody else can do it better than themselves. Brides should be humble to admit the fact that they can’t do everything perfectly.

#2. Hiring an Amateur Bridal Makeup Artist
Sometimes I wonder why most brides will want to hire an amateur make-up artist to mess with their face on the most important day of their life. Whatever the justification may be, it comes with its own detriment. While an amateur bridal make-up artist will waste hours trying to find out what to use on your face, a professional bridal make-up artist has already done a trial make-up for you on the day of your pre wedding photo session. This will make the bridal makeup less stressful on the wedding day, making you look your best on your day.

#3. Poor Time Management
During the early morning hours of the wedding day, it is very common for some of the bride’s friends and loved ones to arrive, and they will all want to see the bride to inform her of their presence and also cheer her up. Most bride’s get carried away by these moments and forget the essence of focusing on the more important thing: Getting Dressed Up. Wedding brides should always remember that there will be enough time on the wedding day for exchange of pleasantries, sharing jokes and taking of pictures. Having this in mind will keep you focused on the task ahead and make you stick to your time schedule.

#4. Poor Transportation Arrangement
This is one common problem I have noticed in most weddings. I have even seen a wedding where the bride was supposed to use her personal car to go to the church but couldn’t find the car keys when it was time to go to the church. I guess this would not have happened if there was a driver that was paid to do the job. In some other cases, the same driver that was paid to drive the bride to the wedding venue will be the same driver to come back home to pick up the bridal train (wedding party), pick the photographers and camera-persons, and maybe some other vendors and sometimes including picking up her relatives.

#5. Phone Calls and Chats
I know that you might start wondering why I have this on the list. But phone calls and chatting is a major time consumer in the morning of any wedding. Brides should try to hand over their phones, ipads, etc to someone else who does not have any major role to play on the wedding day or they can decide to switch off their phones completely. Your friends and well-wishers will always find their way to your wedding venue, whether your phone is switched on or not. Remember that any serious person who sincerely wants to attend your event will get the venue address in advance, days before your wedding day. Be bold enough to tell your friends that they shouldn’t call your phone numbers on your wedding morning since you will be busy getting ready for an unforgettable experience.

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