It’s Not All About The Bride! Tips For The Groom

When it comes to wedding planning, a lot of the focus tends to go on the bride to be. After all, it’s her big day, so it tends to be all about planning her look and style for the wedding. But while it’s important the bride looks perfect, the groom also needs to have his say. After all, he will hopefully only get married once, so he should have a special day too. 

In fact, here are some tips for the groom, so they also get to be the star of the show on their wedding day.

# Start planning your appearance for the big day
Unlike the bride, you are most likely not going to have a makeup artist and hair stylist on the big day! Therefore, it’s all down to you to make sure you look on point for your wedding day. So it’s a good idea to plan your appearance way before the big day. 

You need to have an idea of how you want your hair to look for the wedding. It might be the case you book into the hair salon the day before the wedding. Just make sure you don’t go for any unusual styles which you might live to regret.

 And decide on whether facial hair will be a thing on your big day. If you are used to having a beard, it might be the case that you just give it a quick tidy on the actual day. Get hold of some products now which you can use for grooming on the wedding day. And it might be worth going for a facial (or even do one at home) to help your skin!

# Pick out a killer suit
Choosing a good suit is almost as important as selecting the wedding dress. After all, you want to ensure you at the top of the style ranks. And you want people to compliment you on the suit at the wedding. 

You don’t want to live with regret that you didn’t choose something great when you look back at the pictures! Therefore, take an usher with you and head to the store to find a suit which will look perfect. It’s also worth having a look online too. 

After all, there is a lot more choice of mens suits which might be perfect for your big day. You want to recreate Prince William’s suit style! And remember to give them the correct sizes. You don’t want something which is too big or small on your wedding day.

# Turn your attention to your shoes
It’s also important that you have great shoes for the wedding day. You wouldn’t think it would make much difference, but people are bound to look down at your footwear when it comes to the wedding. 

And if you have an old pair of classic lace-ups on, it will not leave them impressed. Therefore, it’s time to go out and find some fancy footwear which will look great with your suit. Make sure you go for a color which will match. You don’t want something which will clash on the wedding day.

Don’t forget to get things like polish to use on the big day. That way, they will be shiny! And remember to get your accessories sorted. After all, you want a good pair of cufflinks and tie to help complete your outfit.

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