The Benefits of A Professional Wedding Videographer

The Wedding Videographer – A Good Investment for Your Big Day: Your wedding day is a day that deserves to be remembered in fine detail; after all, think of all the effort you, your partner and both families have put into making sure that everything is absolutely perfect on the day!

There is the venue and the decorations, the flowers, the table decorations, the invite cards and place-holders. Guests will be looking out for the outfits worn by the supporting cast – the best man, the pages-boys and page-girls and the bridesmaids. Then of course is the bride herself with a beautiful dress and gorgeous hair and make-up.

Add to that the surroundings, the ceremony itself and the reception with the cutting of the cake and the first dance. All these things will be remembered long after the day itself. But how will they be remembered? 

Memories fade and play tricks on us as time moves on, so we often return to the wedding album to remember exactly the shade of the bridesmaid dresses, or how radiant the bride looked during the exchanging of vows.

Whether the wedding is to be a particularly lavish affair, or whether it’s to be on the small and intimate side of things, with merely a few guests in attendance, it still remains the dream of the bride and groom to have the most perfect of days, to which they can look back on time and time again.

Even with all the hustle and bustle and stress involved, most brides and grooms find that the day progresses very quickly, and before they know it, it’s come to an end. 

And it’s all well and good to have some beautiful wedding photos on display at home on the mantel piece, but they fail to capture the day quite in the same fashion as video can.
Hiring A Professional Wedding Videographer

In this day and age everybody is able to make videos, either with a camcorder or with their smart-phones so one option would be to get a friend of relative to film the wedding. However this would be a big mistake for a number of reasons;

1. Only one camera – professional wedding videographers will have two cameras on the day. This provides for better coverage, more editing options, not to mention the fact that there is a back-up should one of the cameras mal-function.

2. Poor sound – it is difficult to record sound satisfactorily using off-the-shelf consumer camera equipment. A professional-grade microphone is needed to counter acoustic issues in a venue and wind factors outside.

3. Focus issues – weddings are events in which many people are gathered in a relatively small space and this presents issues for filming on ‘auto-focus’.

 Furthermore the colour extremes of black and white for the bride and groom and often bright hues of the bridesmaid dresses requires someone who understands the auto-exposure level.

4. Even if a friend or relative can make a decent fist of the filming, they will surely come unstuck when it comes to editing. Without professional editing equipment and knowledge of what works when it comes to editing and producing wedding videos the final result will look very amateurish and certainly not provided a true reflection of such a beautiful day.

5. A friend or relative is also a guest and they are likely to be distracted by events and miss crucial parts of the proceedings.

The thing about shooting a wedding video is that there is no second take – it has to be right first time! 

This is a film that will be watched many times over the forthcoming years and so it is important to have a perfectly-shot and edited video that is a true reflection of what should be a perfect day.

Preserve Your Happy Memories With Professional Wedding Films

Whilst a photo album can help rekindle fading memories there is nothing like a professional video to bring back all the sights and sounds of the big day and help you relive your perfect day over and over again.

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