3 Big Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Decorator

There are so many things that can be done by the couple or by family and friends… in fact, some couples choose to take care of everything from flowers to dress-making on their own. It makes for a super-personalized event. Please hire a professional for your decor or you end up stressed.

That being said, there are tons of great reasons to hire a professional decorator and here are the big three:

1. Renting vs. Buying: When you do all of your own decor you have to purchase a number of items yourself, which usually amounts to a far greater cost than renting the same items. After the wedding you have to either sell, give away, or indefinitely store (if you’re a pack-rat like me) all of the items.

Worst – and saddest – case, you simply throw everything away. Renting things like vases, table numbers, linens, chair covers, chalk boards, picture frames, etc. means that you’re contributing to the cycle of Reduce/ Reuse/Recycle (great for the planet), AND as if that wasn’t a grand enough reason, you’re also supporting local small businesses (great for the economy).

2. Big Impact Installations: We’re often hired by clients who want to do the majority of their own decor but still want a professional to take care of some of the larger installations which require special equipment and/or training to execute safely, correctly, and most effectively. 

This includes items like large backdrops, ceiling treatments, lighting, and large floral installations. These installations usually serve as major focal points in the space and really help set the tone. 

(My own note: spending money on a decorator who can manage this particular portion is so definitely worth it for the impact on your photos, let alone the impact on the night. Great décor doesn’t just show in the room during the ceremony or reception – it’s reflected in your photos.)

3. Lack of Stress & Pressure: Sometime a client emailed me to say, “Honestly,  I have no clue how I’d be doing any of this without you!” I’ve worked very closely with this client, as I do with every client, to make sure that every detail is just right, confirming that numbers have been finalized, all installation and dismantling timings are confirmed, and that everything is generally ready to go.

When you hire a professional to take care of your decor you don’t have to worry about whether or not the linens will arrive on time, whether the flowers will survive the night, or whether you have enough time to get the chair covers on before hair & makeup – because, realistically, you’ll likely not have access to your venue until the day of the wedding (or sometimes the night before). 

You can also sit back and relax on event day knowing that everything is being set up correctly instead of worrying about whether or not cousin Frank understood your description of a pocket fold so that the menus can be tucked inside.

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